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Stories about mannequins and mannequin transformations.

8 months ago

Mannequin Dreams 3: Ambition

As Rachel arrived at the warehouse, Jasper waved her over to the molecular transducer. Caitlin’s red-headed, nude mannequin stood ...

8 months ago

Mannequin Dreams 2: Reveal

Within ten minutes of opening on Saturday morning, Velvet Vixens was jam-packed with customers and curious passersby. Word of the ...

8 months ago

Mannequin Dreams 1: Lifeline

Rachel stared in silent resignation at the one-page financial summary on her desk. This was not what she needed on a Thursday ...

9 months ago

Hiding in Plain Sight

I take one look at the space between the mannequins and frown. “No way,” I say, shaking my head. “C’mon, Shae,” ...

10 months ago

Mannequin Dawn

Three hours after closing, I emerge from the changing room. Though the store is deserted, I am not alone. The mannequins study my ...