Stone Cold Stories is the creation of writer and editor Olivia Quinn. Wanting somewhere to publish her tales of transformation, Stone Cold Stories was born in September 2023.

Present day

The original concept was for Stone Cold Stories to be an online collection of our fiction, but we decided to open it up to submissions for a digital magazine.

We publish tales of inanimate transformation and immobilization. We have more details about that on our submissions page. You can also read our published stories to get a better feel for the niche.

Stone Cold Stories is published by Rock Hard Press.

Future plans

We’re just starting, but that’s not stopping us from looking ahead. In addition to the bi-monthly issues of Stone Cold Stories, we’re considering the following:

  • Podcast of story readings
  • Themed anthologies
  • Audiobooks of anthologies
  • Online text adventure games

Photo by Rika Digital on Unsplash