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Stories from the StoneSport Universe, where petrifying lasers have spawned high-stakes athletic competitions.

2 months ago

VaporMaze Vixen 3: Eternal Glory

Penelope placed her palms on the tile wall, closed her eyes, and leaned under the shower head, allowing the warm water to cascade ...

3 months ago

VaporMaze Vixen 2: Laser Focus

Renske Vries almost walked past the bulletin board in PetraTec’s main cafeteria. In fact, she often passed it several times a day ...

3 months ago

VaporMaze Vixen 1: Karma

Penelope gazed from the tunnel at the wheeling spotlights and raucous sold-out crowd in StoneSport Stadium. Along with her ...

4 months ago

Mist Opportunity

Johanna stood shivering in the back of the cargo hold, one of two hundred fearless performers. The massive plane rumbled through the ...

4 months ago

A Pose About to Rock

From behind the black velvet curtain, Camille’s heart hammered along with the thumping bass in the darkened stadium. Her fellow ...

5 months ago

Golden Ember

As Ember Sparks exited the tunnel into the darkened arena, dozens of strobe lights and spotlights illuminated her and the other 99 ...