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Stories in which characters compete in petrifying athletic events.

2 days ago

VaporMaze Vixen 4: Valkyrie Rising

Peering through the scope, Tessa slowly swept the barrel of her rifle from left to right, searching for any sign of movement in the ...

6 months ago

VaporMaze Vixen 3: Eternal Glory

Penelope placed her palms on the tile wall, closed her eyes, and leaned under the shower head, allowing the warm water to cascade ...

7 months ago

VaporMaze Vixen 1: Karma

Penelope gazed from the tunnel at the wheeling spotlights and raucous sold-out crowd in StoneSport Stadium. Along with her ...

9 months ago

Golden Ember

As Ember Sparks exited the tunnel into the darkened arena, dozens of strobe lights and spotlights illuminated her and the other 99 ...