VaporMaze Vixen 4: Valkyrie Rising


Peering through the scope, Tessa slowly swept the barrel of her rifle from left to right, searching for any sign of movement in the forest. Dressed in full jungle camouflage and kneeling in a stand of tall grass, she was virtually invisible—a fact she hoped would work in her favor.

Angular shafts of light from the afternoon sun lanced through the dense canopy. Birds chirped to each other. A soft breeze rustled the leaves. Tessa stole a glance at her watch.

Two minutes remained. She’d been stalking her prey for nearly an hour without so much as a glimpse of them.

“Shit,” Tessa muttered. “Where the fuck are they?”

A flash of bare flesh appeared briefly from behind a large pine tree a hundred meters away. Tessa’s heart skipped as she zoomed in on the trunk through her scope.

“C’mon,” she whispered. “Come to Mama.”

Twenty seconds passed, and Tessa wondered if she was hallucinating. Finally, a nude man crept from behind the tree, his eyes darting to and fro. Tessa smiled, centered the crosshairs on his chest, and switched on the laser scope.

The man glanced down and flinched when he noticed the green dot on his bare skin. He peered into the forest but was unable to locate the sniper.

Through the scope, Tessa admired her unclad quarry’s magnificent body: bulging quads, biceps as big as her head, broad chest, rippling abs, and a thick, meaty cock. She licked her lips.

The man couldn’t locate her, but he knew Tessa was nearby and had the drop on him. He flashed a devilish grin. His manhood twitched and began to rise and grow.

Though Tessa would have loved to see the guy’s massive cock at full attention, she couldn’t wait around for him to get rock hard. She exhaled and slowly squeezed the trigger.

A brilliant green laser pulse erupted from the barrel of Tessa’s PetraTec TF-7XL HazeMaker, streaked across the forest, and struck the man in the chest, instantly vaporizing his nude body and leaving a ghostly green afterglow behind. As the glow faded, Tessa burst from her hiding spot and sprinted toward it. She knew her hazy hunk had not been alone.

Sure enough, three other naked men emerged from behind nearby trees and dashed in the opposite direction. Tessa was damn fast, but she was also carrying a full-size sniper rifle as she ran. There was no way she could close the gap with these guys.

Tessa dropped to one knee, aimed at one of her targets, and held down the trigger. A staccato burst of nine laser pulses flew from her HazeMaker toward the nude man. Most of them narrowly missed, but one struck his left butt cheek, disintegrating him mid-stride.

Another man glanced sideways at the disappearing derriere and tripped over a tree root, sprawling awkwardly on the ground. Tessa sprinted toward her fallen foe, firing on full auto as she ran. Her forty remaining shots were all over the place, but three of them connected, vaporizing the man’s naked body as he tried to stand.

Without breaking stride or taking her eyes off her final adversary, Tessa ejected the spent mag, pulled a fresh one from a pouch on her belt, and jammed it home. The last man was even faster than the others and had the good sense not to run in a straight line, opting to zig-zag back and forth through the trees.

Tessa knew she’d never catch him and didn’t have enough time to track him. She had to take her shot now.

Tessa knelt on the forest floor and peered through her scope, trying to pick up a pattern in the man’s random movements. After a few seconds of observing her target’s tantalizing tush, Tessa grinned. Men were so predictable.

She counted in time with his footfalls, aimed slightly left, and then held down the trigger, unleashing a withering barrage of fifty laser pulses. Sure enough, her naked prey zagged at that precise moment, directly into the line of fire. His bare body vanished in a puff of green vapor.

Seconds later, a horn sounded. Tessa leaped to her feet and pumped her fist in the air.

“Yeah, baby!” she screamed. “How’d I do? Did I make it?”

A female voice spoke calmly from Tessa’s earpiece. “Congratulations, Tessa. You will be StoneSport’s first VaporMaze Valkyrie. Well played.”

“Fuck, yeah!” Tessa yelled, launching into a full-on victory dance.

The sound of clapping nearby jarred her out of her reverie. Tessa spun in the direction of the noise, leveling her HazeMaker at the chest of a well-built naked man. He held up his hands and smiled.

“Whoa, now. You already won, Tessa. There’s no need to waste any ammo on me. Besides, I’m pretty sure you’re empty.”

Tessa instinctively squeezed the trigger, eliciting only a soft clicking sound. Laughing, she approached the nude man.

“Hey, Jason. Good thing I was all out, eh?”

“Yeah, no kidding, though I can’t think of a better way to go than staring down the barrel of a gorgeous woman.”

Tessa stopped in front of Jason and looked down at his raging hard-on pointing skyward. She grinned.

“Well, our encounter certainly turned you on,” she observed.

“What can I say? Almost getting disintegrated is rather stimulating.”

“I see.” Tessa wrapped her hand around Jason’s throbbing cock and pulled him close, kissing him deeply without letting go.

“Oh, damn,” he exclaimed. “You don’t mess around, do you?”

“I do not,” she replied with a devilish grin.

Tessa gave Jason’s monstrous manhood a final squeeze, walked past him, and slapped him hard on the ass. It barely moved.

“Impressive,” she observed as she sauntered away.

“Wait!” he called after her. “Is that it? I’m edging here.”

“Oh, really?”

With lightning speed, Tessa ejected her HazeMaker’s empty mag, seated a fresh one, wheeled around, and unloaded all fifty rounds near Jason’s feet.

“Ooooh, fuuuck,” he moaned, engaged in some unloading of his own.

Tessa observed Jason’s loss of control with a wry smile. Then she walked away, whistling.

The following morning, Tessa lounged in a beanbag chair at her favorite coffee shop, nursing a vanilla latte. The other patrons, standing in line or sitting with their drinks, had no idea who she was. That was about to change, though. In just a few hours, she’d be world famous.

“Hey, Tessa,” said a familiar male voice.

Tessa looked up and smiled. “Hey, Matt! Thanks for meeting me on short notice.”

“Yeah, absolutely,” Matt replied, plopping down on the beanbag beside her. “I’m guessing you have big news about something.”

Tessa’s eyes twinkled. “Oh, yes. I certainly do. Have you heard of StoneSport?”

Matt rolled his eyes. “Yeah, of course. I’m a huge VaporMaze fan: Team Penelope all the way!” He paused and raised an eyebrow. “Why do you ask?”

“Well,” Tessa replied with a grin, leaning closer and lowering her voice. “No reason. I’m just going to be the first-ever VaporMaze Valkyrie. No biggy.”

Matt choked on his double shot of espresso. “Wait, what? Are you serious?”

With her smile growing by the second, Tessa nodded.

“Wow!” Matt exclaimed. “I didn’t even know you were into VaporMaze. And now you’re going to be the first Valkyrie? That’s awesome!”

“Sshhh,” Tessa whispered, glancing around at the other patrons. “It’s not public knowledge yet, though that’ll change in a few hours.”

“Damn, you’re gonna be one of the most famous people on the planet.”

Tessa nodded. “Yeah, I know. I’m a bit nervous about that.”

Matt waved his hand and took another sip of espresso. “Don’t worry about the fame. Focus on vaporizing your opponents. Speaking of which, how’d you enjoy your tryout?”

Tessa flashed a devilish grin. “Honestly? I fucking loved it, Matt! I erased four men from reality! Watching their nude bodies fade into wisps of vapor is easily the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on—or off, for that matter. It was hot!”

“That’s awesome, Tessa! I’m so happy for you.”

Tessa’s eyes lit up. “Oh, I almost forgot! They gave me some free tickets in the front row tonight. Interested in joining Team Tessa?”

Matt’s jaw dropped. “Wow, really? I’ve never been to StoneSport Stadium before, and now I’m getting a front-row seat. Thank you so much!”

“Nothing but the best for my best friend,” Tessa replied.

“Well, I can’t wait to see you in action, Tessa. This is gonna be epic! Those naked dudes don’t stand a chance!”

“Thanks, Matt.”

The two friends chatted excitedly about that evening, ordering a few more drinks to keep the conversation going. Thoroughly caffeinated, they went their separate ways until the much-anticipated event.

Tessa stood at the end of the tunnel at StoneSport Stadium, clad in a skintight black latex catsuit. She checked and rechecked her PetraTec TF-7XL HazeMaker, ensuring the state-of-the-art vaporizing laser rifle was ready. Tessa then examined the five spare magazines in the ammo pouches on her belt, verifying the digital indicator on each mag displayed 50. She didn’t want to be cheated out of even a single pulse round from the official allotment of 300.

“How long are you gonna fiddle with that thing?” asked a familiar male voice.

Tessa rolled her eyes. “Until I’m satisfied, Jason.” She turned to the muscular, naked man and smiled. “I want to be ready when I have the perfect shot on that smokin’ hot ass of yours. Prepare for oblivion, buddy.”

Jason’s cock twitched and began rising. “You’ll need plenty of luck to pull off that shot. I’m a fucking ninja, you know?”

“Sure, sure. And I plan to make you disappear, Mr. Ninja.”

Jason chuckled. “Well played. Anyway, good luck out there.”

“Yeah, same to you.”

Jason shook his head, gesturing toward the ninety-nine naked men behind him. “I won’t need it, but those guys sure will.”

Tessa glanced back and smiled. “I’m seriously going to enjoy this.”

“Well, you’ve earned it. I’m gonna warm up. See you in the maze.”


A few minutes later, the stadium lights dimmed to darkness. A lone spotlight illuminated a man near the maze entrance as his familiar voice boomed over the PA system.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I’m Jim Ziegler, the Voice of StoneSport, and it is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to our first VaporMaze Valkyrie!”

The crowd of 50,000 clapped and cheered as spotlights wheeled around the empty maze. Jim continued.

“As you know, tonight’s event has a sexy twist on our standard VaporMaze format—a role reversal of sorts—with a female hunter tracking down a hundred nude men. Now, without further ado, let’s meet our Valkyrie!”

Tessa stepped from the tunnel into bright spotlights, and the fans leaped to their feet for a spirited standing ovation. Holding the HazeMaker in her right hand, she smiled and waved to the crowd. Tessa stopped at the maze entrance and shook Jim’s hand.

“So, Tessa, congratulations on your selection.”

Tessa smiled. “Thanks, Jim. I’m thrilled to be here.”

“Well, I’d recognize that HazeMaker anywhere, but what do you have strapped to each leg?”

“Oh, this little thing?” Tessa asked as she drew a laser pistol from its holster on her left thigh. “This is a PetraTec TF-8 Houdini with a ten-round pulse mag and four additional mags on the holster band.”

“And why is it called the Houdini?”

Tessa chuckled. “Because it makes hot naked dudes disappear without a trace. PetraTec asked if I’d like to carry a pair of them tonight. Of course, I agreed! I won’t turn down an extra hundred rounds of ammo.”

“Certainly not,” Jim replied. “And speaking of hot naked dudes, please put your hands together for our hundred hard-bodied hunks!”

A torrent of naked testosterone erupted from the tunnel as the muscular men burst onto the field, cocks bouncing in time with their footfalls. Thunderous applause from the sold-out crowd greeted them as they jogged a full lap around the field, waving at their fans.

As they completed the final turn toward the maze entrance, one of the men suddenly crumpled to the ground in apparent agony. StoneSport medical staff were on him in seconds as the crowd gasped. After an interminable minute, Jim filled them in.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m afraid one of our naked studs has torn a knee ligament. StoneSport rules stipulate that a regulation VaporMaze competition must have exactly one hundred runners. Our event team is frantically contacting other athletes, but we may need to postpone tonight’s showdown.”

The disappointed crowd reacted quite poorly to this news. A loud chorus of boos filled the stadium as the stricken man was stretchered from the field.

At that moment, the spotlights converged on a naked man sprinting from the stands toward the maze entrance. The boos subsided and were soon replaced with cheering as the mystery man smiled and pumped his fist in the air.

“I don’t know for sure, folks,” Jim began, “but we may have a volunteer runner from the crowd! That would be a StoneSport first!”

Tessa squinted as the nude mystery man drew nearer. Her jaw dropped when he slowed down and stopped in front of her, wearing nothing but a smile.

“Matt?! What the fuck are you doing?”

“I am living the dream!” he exclaimed. “Same as you. Well, granted, it’s a different dream, to say the least.”

“Yeah, no shit! You’re gonna get vaporized, Matt!”

Matt shrugged. “It’d be worth it. Ever since StoneSport began, I’ve dreamed of competing in this stadium. I just never made my dream a reality. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt always seemed to win, so I remained a spectator. But as soon as that guy went down, a switch flipped in my head. I knew it was the perfect time to embrace my destiny!”

Tessa rolled her eyes. “Dude, this is not fucking cosplay out here! I plan to vaporize every stud, including you, if you don’t get the hell off this field!”

With his microphone switched off, Jim Ziegler carefully approached the two friends.

“So,” he began, “I’d love to give you guys all the time you need to work this out, but we have ninety-nine naked men ready to run and 50,000 people here to watch them, not to mention our live broadcast to two billion across the globe.”

Matt crossed his arms over his chest defiantly. “There’s nothing to work out, Jim. Let’s do this!”

Tessa narrowed her eyes at Matt before turning to the Voice of StoneSport. “I’m sorry, Jim, but my friend here is delusional and needs to be removed from the field immediately.”

Jim glanced back and forth between the two of them and then shrugged. “I’m sorry, Tessa, but your friend is a grown-ass naked man making a grown-ass naked decision to compete this evening. I’m going to allow it. If you can’t deal with that, you’ll have to forfeit the tournament.”

Tessa shook her head. “No way am I forfeiting. I’ve worked too hard to get here.”

“All right then,” Jim replied. “Let’s do this.”

He switched his microphone back on to address the crowd.

“I have good news, ladies and gentlemen! We found a replacement runner, so the competition is back on!”

The sold-out crowd leaped to their feet, clapping and cheering. Matt turned to Tessa and grinned.

“You’re welcome, by the way.”

Tessa rolled her eyes. “Please just be careful out there, Matt.”

“Will do,” he replied. “And if you have the shot, take it.”

Tessa nodded slowly. Matt smiled and walked away to join the other naked men at the maze entrance.

Three minutes later, after Matt had signed an athletic contract with StoneSport and received a quick competition briefing from an event official, it was finally time to start.

“All right, folks,” Jim began, “we are all set to play VaporMaze Valkyrie! Our hundred hunks will soon enter the maze and receive a one-minute head start before Tessa comes after them. The maze door will be locked for fifteen minutes. Once time has expired, any men who haven’t been reduced to a hot mist will advance to the next round. Gentlemen, good luck! You may now enter the maze.”

With adrenaline already coursing through his veins, Matt shuffled behind the other men as they headed into the maze. Once inside, he split off from the group and jogged for a while, randomly turning left and right before stopping where two paths came together at a right angle.

“Well, this is as good a place as any, I suppose,” he muttered. “Bring it on, Tessa.”

He knew Tessa didn’t want to vaporize him. He also knew she was so fucking competitive that she wouldn’t be checking IDs as she stripped nude dudes from reality with her HazeMaker and Houdinis. Matt could find himself erased from existence at any moment. He smiled. The thought of disintegrating awakened something within him—a deviant desire to be fundamentally unmade. However this madness played out, Matt would thoroughly enjoy it.

Tessa adjusted her grip on the HazeMaker as she waited impatiently for the sixty-second countdown on the jumbo screen above the bleachers to reach zero. Finally, Jim gave the word.

“The sixty seconds are up! Please put fifteen minutes on the clock. Tessa, you may now enter the maze. Good hunting!”

Tessa nodded, walked through the door, and took a deep breath as it locked behind her. Calming her nerves and focusing on the task at hand was proving more difficult than expected. Hopefully, the first few hits would get her into a groove.

Tessa twisted and turned down a few passageways before making first contact. The sudden roar of the crowd alerted the three unsuspecting men that something was up. They wheeled around to face their pursuer. Tessa locked eyes with each of them, flashed a smile, and squeezed off three rounds, striking them all square in the chest. Their naked bodies dematerialized within moments, leaving ghostly green outlines behind for a few seconds before dissipating entirely.

The crowd screamed their approval of the initial encounter as Jim provided an update.

“And just like that, Tessa is on the board with three points! Nice shooting!”

Vaporizing the naked trio put Tessa at ease. The competition was strictly business, though it was also highly pleasurable for her.

“Best job ever,” she said under her breath with a devilish grin. “Time to find more dudes to disintegrate.”

Elsewhere in the maze, Matt heard the thundering crowd, followed by Jim’s update. Matt had continued far enough along the passageways that it would be a while before Tessa made contact, but he knew it would happen sooner or later. That much was certain.

A naked man came into view to Matt’s left and jogged over to him, his erect cock bobbing up and down.

“What’s up, dude?” the man said with a grin.

Matt raised an eyebrow. “Your dick, apparently. Does this turn you on?”

“Oh, fuck, yes! Just knowing that any moment could—”

The man stopped abruptly as his body began glowing a bright green. As he faded from reality, Tessa came into view through his vanishing torso. Despite his shock, Matt executed a perfect forward roll to the adjoining passageway, popped to his feet, and sprinted away before Tessa could fire a shot.

“Damn, that was close,” he muttered to himself.

Tessa paused momentarily, replaying the last few seconds in her mind.

Was that Matt? she wondered. Is that why I couldn’t pull the trigger?

Tessa shook her head. She needed to focus on the competition and vaporize as many men as possible before time expired. That was her appointed task and what the fans came to watch. VaporMaze was a legitimate sport but also a wildly popular form of entertainment. So, Tessa was as much a performer as a professional athlete. She had an obligation to erase these dudes from existence.

With her focus restored Tessa continued her hunt and soon stumbled upon the motherlode. No fewer than a dozen men crouched at various intervals on a thirty-meter-long passage. All but one were looking the other way.

Unfortunately for that guy, he was only a few meters away. Tessa flashed a grin and held down the trigger on her HazeMaker, unleashing a withering barrage that vaporized all twelve studs before they knew what was happening. The crowd roared as Jim updated everyone.

“My, oh, my! Tessa tagged twelve dudes in two seconds! An amazing demonstration of her considerable skill with that TF-7XL. She has now vaporized sixteen studs with fourteen minutes remaining on the clock.”

Matt stayed out of Tessa’s line of sight for ten minutes while she practically put on a HazeMaker clinic, disintegrating no fewer than sixty-five more naked men into clouds of dissociated atoms. To say she was on a roll would be an understatement. To say she was enjoying this would be a serious understatement.

Her consistent high performance didn’t surprise Matt one bit. Having known Tessa for five years, Matt was well aware of her disciplined approach to everything in life. He was thrilled for Tessa right now, but Matt had an opposing goal of not getting vaporized and planned to achieve that.

After Tessa zapped five more dudes with her HazeMaker, Jim provided another update.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are coming down to the wire! Tessa has vaporized a total of 86 men, which means fourteen naked studs are still eligible for erasure from existence. Only two minutes left on the clock!”

The time pressure didn’t rattle Tessa as she stalked her remaining prey through the maze. She soon encountered a cluster of eight hunks, peppering them with the remaining rounds in her HazeMaker mag. The mag was nearly empty, so the four remaining rounds only sent two runners into oblivion.

Without time to reload, Tessa dropped the HazeMaker and drew both Houdinis before the laser rifle hit the ground. The TF-8 pistols were inherently less accurate than the TF-7XL, but Tessa had practiced extensively with them. Channeling Lara Croft, she unloaded all twenty rounds from the Houdinis, dispatching six targets in a green haze.

“Six to go,” she muttered, “including Matt if I’m not mistaken.”

As much as she loved her friend, VaporMaze was strictly business. If she had the shot, she’d take it.

Tessa reloaded both pistols and holstered them before picking up her HazeMaker, ejecting the spent mag, and jamming a new one home. Jim confirmed it was officially crunch time.

“Tessa just disintegrated eight more runners. We are down to six with sixty seconds remaining.”

Matt began to believe he might actually advance to the next round of competition. His newfound hope was short-lived, though. Mistakenly believing Tessa was behind him, Matt skidded around a blind corner and ran headlong into his friend. The collision sent the HazeMaker flying over a wall and onto an adjoining path. Tessa fell onto her back and slid five meters along the metal floor. Before she even stopped sliding, she drew both Houdinis and leveled them at Matt’s chest.

At that moment, the horn sounded. Tessa holstered her pistols.

Though his heart skipped a beat from the encounter, Matt grinned. “Well played, buddy. You have cat-like reflexes with those guns.”

Tessa also smiled. “Thanks, Matt. Little help here?”

Matt walked up, pulled Tessa to her feet, and gave her a naked bear hug.

“Would you have taken the shot?” he asked.

“Without hesitation,” Tessa replied. “Get through the next round, and I’ll have a chance to zap you in the finals.”

“Sounds like a date to me.”

As the two friends recounted their respective adventures, Jim closed out the night.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s all over! Tessa has put up an impressive score of 94 in the opening round. That’ll be tough for our other ladies to beat. Please join us next week for the semifinals of VaporMaze Valkyrie.

“And you don’t want to miss the tournament finals in just two short weeks! We’ll have a special treat before the competition with a live-fire demonstration of PetraTec’s latest weapons breakthrough: the TF-9 Shadowmancer machine gun! If you wish to volunteer as a nude target, please get in touch with a StoneSport recruiter right away. Spots are limited to two hundred.

“Thank you all so much for your support of transformational athletics. We wouldn’t be here without you. On behalf of everyone at StoneSport, this is Jim Ziegler signing off. Good night!”

Copyright 2024 Olivia Zoe Quinn

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Story notes

That’s right, StoneSport fans! VaporMaze Vixen is back! This unexpected continuation of the super sexy series is a commission (and self-insert) for my friend Matt. Thanks so much for encouraging me to add to this heart-pounding saga!

Are there any other fearless dudes out there who would risk oblivion to compete alongside Matt? I guarantee VaporMaze would be the most exhilarating fifteen minutes of your life.

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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