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Stories with exactly 100 words.

4 weeks ago

Through the Glass 2

The beam strikes my chest, its warmth spreading rapidly through my naked body. It immediately begins working inside me, steadily ...

2 months ago

Through the Glass

We stand facing each other through the glass, two women whose lives intersect for a few fleeting moments. She seems curious, perhaps ...

8 months ago


The pieces glide silently across the polished board, untouched yet precise: a complex dance unfolding in response to the players’ ...

9 months ago

Tribute to Medusa

The villagers cower, but the naked man on the stone pedestal stands defiant in the moonlight. Bravery is rare among tributes and thus ...

9 months ago

The Library

The men shuffle along under my watchful gaze, resigned to their fate. These are the worst criminals in the galaxy: murderers, human ...

10 months ago

Mannequin Dawn

Three hours after closing, I emerge from the changing room. Though the store is deserted, I am not alone. The mannequins study my ...