Through the Glass 2


The beam strikes my chest, its warmth spreading rapidly through my naked body. It immediately begins working inside me, steadily dissolving my molecular bonds.

The warmth escalates to another sensation I’ve desperately craved. As my body is irrevocably unmade, a seismic orgasm builds.

“Oh, fuuuck!” I scream.

Involuntary spasms wrack my body as I teeter on the razor’s edge of both climax and oblivion. Then I cum harder than ever before, jerking uncontrollably like a rag doll.

I lock eyes with the stunned operator, flash a smile, and utter one final word as I fade forever from the universe.


Copyright 2024 Olivia Zoe Quinn

Image by Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay

Story notes

This is another quick zap drabble to continue the story from my original “Through the Glass” piece.

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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