VaporMaze Vixen 2: Laser Focus


Renske Vries almost walked past the bulletin board in PetraTec’s main cafeteria. In fact, she often passed it several times a day without a second glance, but this time, a bright yellow digital flyer caught her eye. Renske stopped for a closer look. As she read about the unusual opportunity, her heart rate sped up. She began to sweat. It was definitely not for her, but Renske’s feet refused to walk away.

“Oh, what the hell,” she muttered to herself. “They won’t pick me anyway, so what’s the harm? Besides, it’s not like I’d do it.” She paused a moment, absently twisting a lock of blonde hair. “Or would I?”

Trembling, she pressed her thumb against the scanner next to the flyer. Her PetraTec employee photo appeared in place of the digital ad, the placid face a stark contrast to the nervous excitement she felt inside.

“Renske Vries,” said an automated female voice. “Thank you for your interest in this exciting opportunity. We will be in touch soon.”

The image of Renske’s face faded as the digital ad returned. She took a deep breath, wiped her sweaty palms on her shirt, and returned to her office.

Renske greeted her fellow corporate recruiters before heading to her desk to do some prospecting. PetraTec had grown steadily during her two years on the team and showed no sign of slowing down. Engineers were in exceptionally high demand to develop the next generation of the company’s transformational technology. Renske had connections at several top universities, allowing her to dominate the team’s leaderboard. She enjoyed her work, but it didn’t excite her like it once did. Renske needed something more, though she couldn’t figure out what that would be.

As she scanned her inbox for messages from engineering applicants, a new email appeared. Renske’s heart skipped a beat. The message was from StoneSport with the subject ‘Regarding your application.’ That was fast! She glanced around to ensure nobody was nearby and clicked on the email.

Hello Renske!

This is Matt from the StoneSport events team. Thank you so much for your interest in our posting. I am thrilled to say our team has selected you for this opportunity. Congratulations! The event will occur this evening after the PetraDash Tournament final. Meet me in the StoneSport Stadium lobby at 7:00 pm.

Please reply to confirm or decline this opportunity.

Renske’s jaw dropped. “Holy shit,” she whispered to herself. “It’s mine for the taking.”

She started sweating profusely as she double- and triple-checked the message. It was legit. StoneSport had chosen her. Renske’s heart raced out of control. Fear and excitement battled for supremacy as she tried and failed to calm herself with breathing exercises.

Renske rolled her eyes. She wasn’t actually going to do it, of course. That’d be crazy! Sure, it was an honor to be selected and fun to imagine going through with it, but there was only one reasonable response to Matt’s email. Renske nodded to herself and tapped out a two-word reply:

I’m in.

Without pausing to second guess her decision, she hit send. Then she gathered her things, told her teammates she’d be out for the afternoon, and headed home to bask in the anticipation.

Renske entered the StoneSport Stadium lobby at precisely 7:00 to find a young man waiting.

“Are you Matt?” she asked.

He smiled and nodded. “I am, indeed. Thanks for coming, Renske. Please follow me.”

Matt led Renske across the lobby, swiped his badge at a security door, and held it open for her. Renske walked through into a large and empty locker room.

“The athletes are all competing in PetraDash, so we have the place to ourselves.” He pointed to a duffel bag on a table nearby. “Everything you need is in there. Once you’ve changed, please join me through that far door.”

“Got it, thanks,” Renske replied.

Matt smiled and walked away through the door in the far wall. Renske unzipped the duffel bag and examined the contents. Everything appeared to be in order.

A few minutes later, Renske exited the locker room and entered the tunnel leading to the field. Matt whistled when he saw her.

“Wow!” he exclaimed. “You look amazing in that dress!”

“What can I say?” Renske replied, twirling around. “Yellow is my color.”

“Indeed it is. And the gloves fit?”

Renske nodded. “Perfectly.”

“And you have the fruit?”

Renske held out her hands. “Yes, I’m all set.”

Matt smiled. “Excellent. Are you nervous?”

“Hell, yes, I’m nervous!” Renske exclaimed. “But I’m excited, too, so I think it balances out.”

“That’s good to hear. You’ll do great, Renske. I have a good feeling about you.”

Meanwhile, the three PetraDash winners stood shoulder to shoulder at the center of the field, surrounded by 97 marble statues. A PetraCannon fired three pulses, rendering the champions in bronze, silver, and gold. Jim Ziegler’s voice boomed over the speakers.

“And that is that, ladies and gentlemen! Another PetraDash Tournament is in the books. Don’t go anywhere yet, though. We have a special demonstration for you.”

The lights in the stadium dimmed to darkness before Jim continued.

“All right, folks! Please direct your attention to the stadium’s east end, high above the seats.”

A spotlight switched on, illuminating two figures standing atop a platform. They both waved as Jim continued.

“I’m joined here by Penelope York, our most famous VaporMaze vixen. She’ll return to the maze tomorrow evening for the long-awaited final, but for now, she’s helping me with this demonstration. How are you, Penelope?”

“Fantastic, Jim! And looking forward to this.”

“I am, too. Why don’t you show the fans what you have in that case.”

Penelope nodded, opened the case, and pulled out a rifle.

“Jim, this is the PetraTec TF-7XL HazeMaker, an updated version of the original TF-7. The X refers to the extended magazines, which have double the capacity at fifty rounds each. And the L denotes a laser scope, which I’ll demonstrate for everyone.”

“Sounds good, Penelope,” Jim replied. “On that note, let’s bring out your assistant. Everyone, please welcome Renske Vries to the field!”

Matt patted Renske on the back. “That’s your cue. Good luck!”

“Thanks, Matt.”

Renske took a deep breath and walked onto the field as a spotlight swung around to illuminate her. Fifty thousand spectators cheered loudly while she stepped carefully onto a small, raised platform facing Jim and Penelope 120 meters away at the far end of the stadium. Jim continued.

“Renske, please present the first target. And notice, folks, that she’s wearing silk gloves to protect herself.”

Renske nodded, raised her right arm to the side, and opened her hand to reveal an apple sitting on her palm.

“Whenever you’re ready, Penelope,” said Jim.

Penelope nodded, kneeled on the platform, and aimed her HazeMaker. A green laser dot appeared on the apple. A few seconds later, an energy pulse erupted from the rifle’s barrel, flashed across the darkened field, and connected with the fruit, vaporizing it instantly. The crowd gasped and cheered.

“How about that?” Jim exclaimed. “Renske, let’s give Penelope a more challenging target.”

Renske nodded, raised her left arm to the side, and held a grape between the thumb and index finger of her gloved hand. Penelope aimed and a green dot appeared on the grape. Moments later, she fired a second laser pulse from the HazeMaker, striking and disintegrating the tiny fruit. The crowd erupted with applause.

“Nice shooting, Penelope!” Jim said. “But, as we all know, that TF-7XL wasn’t designed to vaporize fruit. Renske, please provide Penelope with a more suitable target.”

Renske nodded and slipped off her gloves, dropping them onto the ground. Trembling, she pulled her dress over her head and tossed it aside. With 50,000 people in the stadium ogling her nude body—not to mention billions more watching the livestream—Renske had never felt more naked in her life. Her face turned bright red as she resisted a strong urge to cover herself.

“Looking good, Renske!” yelled Matt from the tunnel behind her. “I like you even better without the dress!”

Renske laughed. “Thanks, Matt! I appreciate the vote of confidence!”

“And you’re doing great! Time for your grand finale!”

“Yes, I suppose it is! See you around!”

“Later, babe!” Matt replied with a grin. “Zap, zap!”

Renske took a deep breath and stood with her feet together and hands at her sides, facing Penelope and Jim across the stadium.

“Now that is definitely a more suitable and, dare I say, much sexier target!” Jim exclaimed. “Wouldn’t you agree, Penelope?”

“Absolutely, Jim! She’s beyond gorgeous! Just a moment while I get my HazeMaker dialed in.”

Renske glanced down as a green laser dot appeared between her bare breasts. Her heart hammered in her chest. This was really happening. Her deepest, darkest fantasy was about to come true.

“All set, Jim,” Penelope announced.

“Excellent!” Jim replied. “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s count her down from five.”

In perfect unison, the entire stadium screamed, “Five!”

Renske quivered in anticipation.


Chin up and shoulders back, lifting her breasts a bit higher.


Deep breath in.


And exhale.


Big smile.


A green laser pulse burst from Penelope’s HazeMaker, streaked across the field, and struck Renske square in her chest, lighting up her skin in a blinding flash. A pleasant warmth spread through her, followed by a slight tingling that steadily increased as the energy began dissolving her molecular bonds.

Renske shuddered in ecstasy. She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to dematerialize! The fact she was literally vanishing without a trace and would soon cease to exist didn’t bother her in the slightest. It was all about basking in the warm embrace of imminent oblivion. She had no regrets.

The runaway chain reaction raced through Renske’s naked body, reducing all her molecules to their component atoms and completely vaporizing her within seconds. A bright green haze in the shape of the disintegrated woman shimmered briefly and then faded to nothing.

“And that is how we do it, folks!” Jim exclaimed. “Let’s give Renske a round of applause. She was fantastic!”

The crowd clapped and cheered as the stadium lights turned on again.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Jim continued, “if you want to see Penelope and ninety-nine other women match wits with a highly-trained hunter armed with one of these PetraTec TF-7XL HazeMakers, tune in tomorrow evening for the VaporMaze Tournament final. The event sold out several weeks ago, so if you have a ticket, you are lucky indeed. Penelope, would you like to do the honors?”

Penelope nodded. “Sure, Jim. On behalf of the entire team at StoneSport, this is Penelope York and Jim Ziegler signing off. Good night, everyone!”

Copyright 2023 Olivia Quinn

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Story notes

That was a dramatic demo of the new HazeMaker! Are you even more excited now for the VaporMaze final? I have a feeling it’ll be quite memorable.

Many thanks to a real-life Renske whose boyfriend volunteered her to be vaporized. She was on board with the idea, too. 🙂

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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