Test Subject 103


Edwin unlocked the steel door and held it open for his eight new friends with benefits. Once the lovely ladies had filed past him and into the lab, he closed the door and flipped on the lights.

“Oh, wow!” exclaimed a blonde. Edwin hadn’t bothered to learn most of their names—or anything else—as the information would soon be irrelevant.

“Is that the disruptor?” asked a redhead, pointing at the VTX-1.

“It is indeed,” Edwin replied. “And directly in front of it is the platform you’ll all take turns standing on.” He pointed to a tablet on a nearby table. “I need each of you to sign a consent form. After that, please strip naked, leave your clothes on the table, and form a line next to the console. I’ll power on the disruptor.”

The women nodded, signed, and stripped in less than a minute. When the VTX-1 completed its power-up sequence, the ladies were already queued up and ready to be stripped from reality. They all pleasured themselves in anticipation of their seismic orgasms while Edwin’s engorged rod pressed against the zipper of his jeans.

Edwin surveyed each of their naked bodies as his eyes wandered down the line. All of them were eighteen or nineteen years old and very easy on the eyes with firm tits and plump, gravity-defying asses. He had the best job on the planet, especially when the test subjects fucked his brains out the night before. That was a bonus!

Edwin always marveled at his ability to recruit gorgeous nude women to erase from existence, all of them young, full of promise, and eager for their hot naked bodies to be unmade. Returning their sexy atoms to the universe was the greatest privilege of his career.

“All right, my lovely ladies,” he said, “I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank all eight of you for a rather stimulating experience last night. You’re all quite skilled in the fine art of lovemaking, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And thank you all for volunteering as test subjects for my research! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.”

“The pleasure is all ours,” replied Celeste, the only one whose name Edwin remembered. “Like I said last night, your research is hot as fuck! It’s an honor to be a part of it. We can’t wait to do this!”

“I’m so glad you’re excited,” Edwin replied with a smile. “On that note, we should get down to business. I’ve applied an experimental firmware update to the VTX-1, which allows it to fire eight distinct beam types. Each of you will help me test a different beam. I’ll number you in the order you’ve lined up.” He motioned to Celeste at the head of the queue. “Test subject 103, please take your position on the platform.”

“Yes, Dr. Zander,” the buxom brunette replied.

She was exceptionally curvaceous and jiggled in all the right places as she sashayed over to the platform and stepped onto it. Her protruding nipples were as hard as rock atop her delectable pair of double-Ds.

Edwin continued. “I’ll be testing the classic Disintegrator beam on you, test subject 103. Please let me know when you’re ready.”

“I was born ready for this, Dr. Zander,” the woman replied with a grin as she furiously fingered her throbbing clit.

“All right then. Firing now.”

Edwin pressed a button on the console, and an orange beam shot from the end of the barrel, striking the naked woman between her ample breasts.

“Ooh,” she cooed. “I feel all warm and tingly! It’s like taking a dip in a jacuzzi filled with champagne.”

“That means it’s working, test subject 103,” Edwin replied, unzipping his jeans and freeing his rock-hard cock. “You’re disintegrating.”

“It feels incredible!” the woman exclaimed as a cloud of orange mist began to form around her. “Hey, what’s that?”

“Well, to be exact, that’s you—part of you, anyway. The rest of you will be converted into mist shortly. Thank you for volunteering, test subject 103.”

“Sure, it was my pleas…”

The woman’s conversion was completed as the mist dissolved into the air.

“Test subject 103 has been disintegrated,” Edwin remarked, slowly stroking himself as he turned to the next woman in line. “Test subject 104, please take your position on the platform.”

“Sure, doc,” the blonde responded in a bubbly voice as she bounded onto the platform. “Whatcha got for me?”

“I’ll be testing the Atomizer beam on you.”


“Well, cold, actually. Very cold, to be precise. Please let me know when you’re ready, test subject 104.”

“Absolutely!” the blonde exclaimed, pumping her slit with four fingers. “Let’s do this!”

“Very well,” Edwin replied with a smile. “Firing now.”

Edwin pressed a button, and a bright blue beam emerged from the VTX-1, striking the woman on her bare chest. She immediately began trembling, though her self-pleasuring continued unabated.

“Damn, that’s cold!” she remarked.

“Indeed it is, test subject 104. The Atomizer uses a quantum stasis effect to freeze your body on an entropic level of interaction with reality.”

“I have no idea what that means,” the blonde replied, still shivering.

“Oh, that’s all right,” Edwin said as he stroked. “You can relax as you’re converted into a cloud of degenerate quantum waves before fading out of reality.”

“I don’t know what that means eith…”

The woman trailed off and vanished without a trace.

“Test subject 104 has been atomized,” Edwin remarked, turning to the next woman in line. “Test subject 105, please take your position on the platform.”

“You got it, doc,” an Asian woman replied as she moved into position.

She was athletic: B cups, a flat stomach, and a firm ass. Edwin looked forward to stripping her from reality.

“I’ll be using the Disruptor beam on you, test subject 105,” Edwin explained, expertly working his shaft. “Please let me know when you’re ready.”

“Any time, Dr. Zander.”

“Excellent! Firing now.”

Edwin pressed a button, and a green laser beam emitted from the VTX-1, striking the Asian on her chest.

“Oh, wow!” she exclaimed, twitching as she approached climax. “It feels like when my hand falls asleep, but it’s my entire body.”

“That’s right, test subject 105,” Edwin replied. “The Disruptor beam is overpowering all of your sensations right now.”

“What’s it doing to me?”

“It’s unbinding your mass and energy from time and space so everything you’re made of will simply fall away from existence.”

The woman’s eyes widened. “That sounds incredi…”

She trailed off as she was erased from the universe.

“Test subject 105 has been disrupted,” Edwin remarked, turning to the next woman in line. “Test subject 106, please take your position on the platform.”

“Sure, Dr. Zander,” replied the Latinx woman, stepping onto the empty platform.

Edwin smiled, his cock pointing skyward. “I’ll be using the Eliminator beam on you, test subject 106.”

“Works for me!”

“Copy that! Please let me know when you’re ready.”

The woman flashed a thumbs-up as she fisted herself with her other hand. “Give it to me, doc!”

Edwin pressed a button, and a yellow beam burst from the VTX-1, pummeling the Latinx beauty in the chest.

“Oh, fuck! That’s hot!” she yelled. “It’s like the strongest sunlight exposure I’ve ever felt—times a thousand!”

“It certainly is, test subject 106! The effect is much like melting into the sun as a cloud of light.”

“Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense,” the naked woman replied, grimacing. “What the hell does it do?”

“It’s canceling your mass aspect so you become fully insubstantial like so much dark matter before promptly dispersing without a trace.”

“Damn, that’s—”

The Latinx cut off mid-sentence as her atoms scattered.

“Test subject 106 has been eliminated,” Edwin remarked, his cock throbbing as he turned to the next woman in line. “Test subject 107, please take your position on the platform.”

“Yes, Dr. Zander,” replied a stunning raven-haired beauty as she strode onto the platform and faced the VTX-1.

“I’ll use the Incinerator beam on you, test subject 107.”

“Sounds good, Doctor.”

“Very well. Please let me know when you’re ready. It’ll be hot.”

“Any time.”

Edwin pressed a button, and a red beam erupted from the VTX-1, striking the nude woman between her breasts.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, wincing as she kneaded her tits. “You weren’t kidding!”

“Certainly not, test subject 107! The Incinerator beam imparts a pure heat sensation that overwhelms you with stimulation.”

“No shit! It’s like being smeared with the pure essence of an impossibly spicy pepper!”

“Exactly! Soon, your atoms will be scattered along a thermalized dimension. It’s quite fascinating!”

The woman gradually turned a bright red before fading without a trace.

“Test subject 107 has been incinerated,” Edwin remarked, turning to the next woman in line. “Test subject 108, please take your position on the platform.”

“Sure thing!” exclaimed a woman with long brown hair tied in a ponytail. She had the firm body of a ballet dancer, a reward for many years of hard work.

“I’ll use the Dissolver beam on you, test subject 108.”

“Got it!”

“Please let me know when you’re ready.”

“Hit me with your best shot, doc!” she exclaimed, her right hand a blur over her crotch.

Edwin smiled, teasing the head of his cock. “Firing now.”

He pressed a button, and a purple beam blazed from the VTX-1, striking the dancer on her chest.

“Ooh, that feels so good,” she remarked.

“That’s what I’d expect, test subject 108. It should be like the best massage you’ve ever had.”

“Pretty much. What’s it doing to me?”

“It’s melting you into raw elements that will promptly recombine into harmless oxides and carbonates. You get to feel what it’s like to liquefy.”

The nude woman tried to respond, but her naked body lost cohesion and flowed off the platform onto the floor.

“Subject 108 has been dissolved,” Edwin remarked, turning to the next woman in line. “Test subject 109, please take your position on the platform.”

A tall blonde nodded and ascended the platform, carefully stepping over the fleshy slurry surrounding it.

“I’ll be using the Annihilator beam on you, test subject 109,” Edwin explained, his right hand a blur on his dick.

“Right on! How does it work?”

“Well, it’ll cause half of your particles to flip to an anti-particle and annihilate with its closest neighbor. You’ll be turned into a mass of virtual particles. Basically, like the Casimir effect.”

“Sounds like fun!”

“A very brief moment of fun, sure. Please let me know when you’re ready, test subject 109.”

“Ready when you are,” she replied with a grin, tweaking both nipples.

“All right then. Firing now.”

Edwin pressed a button, and a pure white beam emerged from the VTX-1, striking the blonde between her breasts. Edwin shielded his eyes from the resultant bright flash of light. When he looked back at the platform, it was empty.

“Test subject 109 has been annihilated,” Edwin remarked, turning to the next woman in line. “Ah, last but certainly not least. Test subject 110, please take your position on the platform.”

The only black woman in the group stepped onto the platform.

“I’ll be using the Obliterator beam on you, test subject 110,” Edwin remarked as he finally began edging.

“I see. How does it work?”

“It directly cancels the temporal aspects of a mass so that it simply won’t proceed forward in time like everything else in the universe.”

“Damn, doc! That sounds like science fiction.”

“Oh, believe me, I feel the same way! Please let me know when you’re ready, test subject 110.”

“Zap me, doc!”

“You got it. Firing now.”

Edwin pressed a button, and a pure black beam erupted from the VTX-1 and struck the nude woman in the chest. Her already dark skin turned gradually darker.

“Oooh, it’s freezing!” she remarked, violating herself with reckless abandon.

“Oh, yes! That’s the cold eternal embrace of the limitless dark void of nothingness as you fall into oblivion forever.”

“Awesome! Thanks so much, doc! This has been fascin…”

She trailed off as she turned darker and darker, becoming a black shadow. Moments later, she faded away entirely at the exact moment Edwin grunted and blew his sticky load all over the VTX-1 console, one thick rope after another landing on the display and controls.

“Test subject 110 has been obliterated,” Edwin remarked, his softening cock still oozing jizz onto the floor. “All eight beams performed flawlessly, so I’m certifying the firmware update as successful. All future iterations of the device will have these capabilities.”

He powered down the VTX-1, glanced at the glazed console and the organic soup that used to be test subject 108, and shrugged. “Janitorial will take care of all that.”

Edwin zipped up his jeans, walked over to the table piled high with the women’s clothes, and swept them all into a large cardboard box. “Off to the thrift store again.”

He hefted the box, turned off the lights, and locked the door. Edwin whistled to himself as he strode through the hallway. His extraordinary device was performing perfectly! Moving forward, he’d always have a special place in his heart for the VTX-1, but the time had come to build the VTX-2. That sexy machine was going to blow people’s minds.

Copyright 2024 Olivia Zoe Quinn

Image by Victoria from Pixabay

Story notes

This story is based on a Discord conversation with ZapperZero, the GOAT of disintegration artists. I asked about the different beam colors he used, and he sent me names and descriptions for all eight! As soon as I read through it, I knew it would become a super-sexy pseudo-science story.

The mention of the VTX-2 at the end does imply this series will continue. As long as Edwin can find more gorgeous naked women to erase from reality, that’s precisely what he’ll do. Thankfully, this story world has an endless supply of horny hotties, so his vital work is far from over.

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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