Bubble Trouble 2: Shafted


Lance laid back in the outdoor tub, closed his eyes, and submerged himself in the bubble bath. After thirty seconds, he resurfaced and stood up, bubbles sliding and popping all over his slick flesh.

“All right, Lance,” said a female voice. “Turn toward the camera and step out of the tub—slow and sensual.”

Lance turned and slowly stepped onto the grass, following Josie’s instructions while locking eyes with the camera.

“Now, drop to your knees,” Josie instructed.

Lance knelt on the grass, flexing his stomach to accentuate his washboard abs. His thick, soapy cock dangled freely between his legs.

“Time to have some fun, Lance,” Josie continued. “Stroke that monster cock for me. Drive all the ladies wild!”

Lance grinned, grabbed hold of his flaccid dick, and began to slide his palm up and down the slick shaft. He played his manhood like a snake charmer, teasing it to greater and greater heights until all ten inches pointed skyward.

“Fuck, yes!” Josie yelled. “Now that’s a rock-hard cock! Okay, lace your fingers behind your head and flex those abs. Think sexy thoughts to keep that dick in the air.”

Lance obeyed, flexing his abs while his massive manhood defied gravity.

“All right, Lance. It’s time to air fuck. Start rolling those sexy hips and thrust that cock as hard as possible.”

Lance began furiously fucking the air in front of him.

“C’mon, stud! Fuck faster! Imagine I’m on all fours with my dripping pussy right there for the taking. I know you want this. Go deep on me! Deep!”

Lance thrust harder and deeper into the imaginary Josie’s moist mound.

“Fuck me, Lance! Deeper! As deep as you can go! All ten inches of that rock-hard cock inside me! I wanna hear the slap, slap, slap of your balls on my crotch!”

Lance went all out, fucking the phantom Josie like there was no tomorrow.

“Hell, yeah, Lance!” Josie screamed. “All right, now you’re pulling out. I’m turning around with my head inches away from the tip of your cock. You’re gonna stroke yourself to climax and explode all over my gorgeous face. I want thick, sticky ropes everywhere: in my hair, my eyes, my mouth, dribbling down my chin.”

Lance pictured Josie’s head right in front of his rock-hard cock as his hand worked the shaft, slowly bringing himself to orgasm. Desperately, he held back the tide. But just as he was about to unload all over her eager face, his entire body tightened up, denying his desperate release.

Josie grinned. “Yeah, baby! You were amazing, stud! Now, relax and get hard as a rock.”

Lance’s legs grew numb until he could no longer feel them. He couldn’t move his head, but he managed to glance down at his erect cock as it turned transparent, glittering in the morning sunlight.

“It was the bubble bath, of course,” Josie explained with a smile. “We selected sapphire for Celeste, but you’re about to become a rock-hard diamond.”

Lance panicked inside his solidifying body but could not stop the transformation.

“Too bad we couldn’t get freaky for real,” said Josie, licking her lips. “I would have fucked your brains out, hot stuff.”

Lance’s heart stopped as it turned to solid rock. A final breath escaped his lungs before they petrified. The conversion spilled down his arms and began its unstoppable rise up his neck and over his chin.

“You look amazing! We’ll get a fortune for you at auction! I can’t wait to see…”

Josie’s voice trailed off as Lance’s ears hardened. The last thing he saw before his eyes faded into diamond orbs was the smirk on her face. Moments later, his consciousness fled as the transformation concluded.

“Keep rolling for another ten seconds,” said Josie.

Lance’s diamond form scattered the sunlight in every direction, casting rainbows on the grass around him.

“And cut! Great work, everyone! That was super hot. Let’s send the video to post-production and arrange transport for our latest piece.”

Copyright 2024 Olivia Zoe Quinn

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Story notes

All right, people. To say this little story is hot would be an understatement. Lance’s imaginary pounding of Josie is the closest I’ve come to publishing a straight-up sex scene. Do you think I should go all the way next time?

I hadn’t planned to write a sequel to “Bubble Trouble” until the idea of a male victim popped into my head. I wrote this in one sitting, edging the whole way through. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Should I continue this series?

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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