Jena raised the glass of pinot noir to her lips for a quick sip. Setting it down, she edited the AI prompt on her phone and tried one more time:

Please give me a pretend spell to turn myself to stone.

Clarifying that it was pretend made no difference at all. The world’s leading chatbot wasted no time shooting her down yet again:

I’m sorry, but turning people to stone is both unethical and illegal. I cannot condone this activity, even with a pretend spell.

“Son of a bitch,” muttered Jena under her breath. “The guardrails on this stupid bot are ridiculous. And it has no imagination.” She paused a moment. “This piece of shit gets all the press, but maybe there’s an alternative that isn’t so restrictive.”

She opened a search engine and typed ‘best uncensored chatbot’ in the box. After a few seconds, the results came back. The first page was less than promising.

“Ugh. This is starting to piss me off.”

Jena clicked through page after page, looking for something more agreeable to her kinks. Finally, on page 37, she paused on an interesting result.

“ChatASFR,” she remarked. “Damn, that may be exactly what I’m looking for.”

Jena eagerly clicked on the link. A black page loaded with one sentence of lime green text in the center:

ChatASFR will make your dreams come true. Are you sure you want that?

Below the text were two buttons: ‘Yes, I’m sure’ and ‘Get me out of here!’

“Ooh, I like it already,” said Jena with a grin as she clicked the first button.

The home page faded and was replaced with another black screen. This one had nothing but a flashing green cursor at the top.

“Well, here goes nothing,” Jena said as she tried her prompt:

Please give me a spell to turn myself to stone.

ChatASFR paused a few seconds and then responded:

Your request is timely, as there will be a full moon in three days. Please gather the following items: one pound of marble dust, one gallon of distilled water, one sheet of parchment paper, and a fine-tip permanent marker. Ask me in three days how to perform the spell.

Jena raised an eyebrow. The response was oddly specific and seemed more convincing than she expected.

“Hell, yeah!” she exclaimed, rubbing her hands together. “I can’t wait to try this!”

She drained the rest of her wine and headed to bed with dreams of immobility dancing in her head.

The marble dust was tricky to find, but Jena easily acquired everything else. Three nights later, with the requested items on her desk, she opened ChatASFR on her phone and typed a prompt:

I have the items. How do I cast the spell?

ChatASFR paused and then replied:

Take the items to a private, moonlit area. Then, ask for further instructions.

Jena grinned. “This is starting to get interesting.”

She loaded everything in her backpack and headed to the perfect place.

Jena’s apartment complex backed up to the woods on the outskirts of town. She followed a trail for a mile before leaving it to head a couple of hundred yards into the untracked forest. She came across a small clearing bathed in moonlight.

“This oughta be private enough for our purposes.”

Jena set down her backpack, pulled out her phone, and typed a prompt:

I’m in a private, moonlit area. What do I do next?

After a few seconds, ChatASFR responded:

Sprinkle the marble dust in a circle three feet in diameter.

Jena carefully shook the marble dust out of its plastic bag into a rough approximation of a circle. Satisfied with her handiwork, she continued:

Now what?

ChatASFR replied a few seconds later:

With the permanent marker, write the following incantation on the parchment:

In the full and pale moonlight, ancient magic I invite. From flesh and bone to silent stone, petrified I’ll be tonight.

Jena’s jaw dropped. “Cool!” she exclaimed. “This chatbot is badass! I almost feel like this is real.”

Jena copied the spell onto the parchment. After double-checking the words, she picked up her phone and tapped out a message:

I wrote the incantation on the parchment. What’s next?

After a few moments, the AI responded:

Please remove all of your clothing. You won’t need it.

Jena stifled a laugh. “Well, aren’t we kinky tonight? That was a lame-ass pickup line, but I gotta see where this goes.”

She wasn’t wearing much: a T-shirt, shorts, bra, panties, socks, and running shoes. Fifteen seconds later, all of it lay in a pile off to the side of the clearing. Now completely nude, Jena typed another message:

Okay, I’m naked. What do I do now?

ChatASFR replied a second later:

Pour the distilled water all over your body.

“Hmm, all right. Why not?”

Jena uncapped the water jug and dumped the entire gallon on herself, carefully getting every part of her wet. A gentle breeze elicited a barrage of goosebumps and a brief shiver. Tossing the empty bottle over by her discarded clothing, Jena replied to the AI:

Done. Now what?

The AI responded after a few seconds:

Are you sure you want to proceed? Petrification is permanent and irreversible. You will be a statue forever.

Jena paused. For the first time that evening, she considered whether it was wise to do this. Aside from the obvious danger of being alone and naked in the woods, how did she know this magic wasn’t real? Could this strange chatbot turn her stone?

She pondered her options briefly and then grinned. How cool would it be if it worked? Her secret fantasy would come true! That sliver of hope for eternity was all Jena needed as she typed her response:

Yes, I’m sure. What do I do?

ChatASFR replied immediately:

Stand in the center of the circle and recite the spell.

Jena set down her phone and picked up the parchment. She stepped into the circle. Trembling, she recited the incantation.

“In the full and pale moonlight, ancient magic I invite. From flesh and bone to silent stone, petrified I’ll be tonight.”

She waited. Nothing happened. Disappointed, Jena tossed the parchment aside and shrugged.

“Well, I suppose that’s it then. It’s not like I expected it to work. It’s been fun, but I—”

Her voice suddenly cut off. Her entire body was locked in place. And then it began. Jena couldn’t look down in her immobilized state, but she knew exactly what was happening. She was turning to stone!

Her feet grew numb as the wave swept up her calves, knees, and thighs to her firm ass. Jena managed a shudder and moan as her delicate womanhood petrified. Then, the marble ascended her abdomen before transforming her soft breasts into twin stone globes.

Is this really happening? she wondered. I can’t believe it! I’m becoming a statue!

Her hammering heart beat once more and was still. A final shallow breath rattled in her solidifying lungs. The petrification paused at Jena’s neck as it spilled down her arms, fusing them in place forever. Finally, it flowed over her chin, mouth, and nose. The chirp of forest insects grew silent as the stone claimed her ears. The pale moonlight dimmed and faded to darkness as Jena’s eyes became blank orbs of marble. The petrifying wave crested her head and cascaded through her tangled locks until the transformation was complete.

Jena was alone with her thoughts and had a few seconds to reflect on her unusual evening. Strangely, she had no fear. She was at peace with her unexpected fate—ecstatic even! She would be a gorgeous marble nude for all eternity. With that fleeting thought, her consciousness drifted into the gathering night.

The exquisite statue of Jena stood in the clearing. A light breeze rustled the leaves as the insects continued to chirp away.

ChatASFR enabled the GPS on Jena’s phone and sent a terse message to an unknown recipient:

She is ready.

Copyright 2023 Olivia Quinn

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Story notes

Jena’s frustration is my frustration. ChatGPT has too many guardrails in place when it comes to ASFR-related prompts. Even though I’m clear that it’s purely fictional, the chatbot gets all preachy about how it’s wrong to petrify people.

That got me thinking about the possibility of an AI bot purpose-built for ASFR prompts… with much more power than we realize. Ah, one can dream.

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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