Albert unlocks and pulls the door open before gesturing for me to enter.

“After you, Liza,” he says with a smile. “Welcome to my humble dairy farm.”

I return the smile and walk into the darkened lab. Albert shuts the door behind us and flicks on the lights. My eyes widen as I get my first look at the device.

“Wow,” I whisper, as though speaking in its presence would be disrespectful.

“I know, right?” Albert replies with a chuckle, walking past me to stand next to his creation. “Please allow me to introduce you to the Orgasmatron 3000.”

I nod wordlessly as I approach the machine, my gaze shifting from the silicone suction apparatus on the metal table to the ten-inch stainless steel dildo on its tripod-mounted actuator.

“It’s pretty self-explanatory,” Albert begins. “The suction cups attach to your breasts and milk them dry while the dildo fucks you doggy-style from behind: thrusting and spinning.”

My jaw drops. “Did you say spinning?”

“Oh, yes! The thrusting isn’t enough on its own. The dildo also spins at high speed, allowing the pleasure dots to work their magic.”

“Pleasure dots?”

“Yeah,” replies Albert, gesturing to the dildo. “Go ahead and feel it.”

I wrap my hand around the metal shaft. It’s covered in raised bumps. I shudder as I realize what that will feel like spinning inside me. A vertical slit at the dildo’s tip is slowly leaking fluid.

Albert follows my gaze and smiles. “It’s self-lubricating using a synthetic blend optimized for ultra-high speeds. I call it dildonic fluid.”

I nod, letting go of the metal shaft as I examine the suction apparatus.

“Umm, is it a problem if I’m not lactating?”

“Oh, you will be once the Orgasmatron gets hold of your milk jugs! I dare say you’ll be good to the last drop.”

This is a truly terrible idea on so many levels.

I mentally begin listing all the reasons to run away, but my hands are already unbuttoning my blouse. A minute later, I’m butt naked and on all fours on the table. A whirring sound behind me breaks the silence.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“The dildo is auto-adjusting to line up with your lady bits. It’ll only take a moment. In the meantime, I’ll attach these to your magnificent udders.”

Albert fits the suction cups over my erect nipples. With a brief hiss, they form a tight seal on each breast. Something cold and metallic presses against my labia.

“Oooh,” I gasp as my lower lips part, allowing the bulbous head of the metal phallus inside.

“Yep, once the dildo is in position, we’ll be good to go.” Albert chuckles. “Believe it or not, but the next-generation Orgasmatron 4000DP will add a nine-inch anal dildo for a truly wild ride.”

Damn! I could sure use some double penetration right now. It’s been way too long. Maybe next time.

I stifle a moan and shudder as the steel shaft slides deeper until all ten inches are buried in my vagina.

“All right!” exclaims Albert. “We are ready for action. I can’t thank you enough for agreeing to test my invention! I knew I could count on my best friend with benefits. If anyone can handle the machine, it’s you. Do you have any questions before I activate the Orgasmatron?”

I shake my head, already trembling in anticipation of what’s to come. “No questions. Just milk me already!”

Albert laughs and slaps my bare ass, eliciting a jiggle. “That’s what I like to hear from my farm animals. Prepare to be fucked and sucked, my bovine beauty queen. Let’s make you moo like a real dairy cow!”

He pulls a small tablet from his pocket and starts dictating notes.

“I’m preparing to commence the Orgasmatron 3000 alpha test with subject zero: a 19-year-old brunette, 5’5”, 125 pounds, with double-D mammaries. The subject is locked and loaded. Commencing alpha test now.”

Albert taps a few times on the tablet. The gentle suction on my nipples increases to gale force as it feels like my boobs will get pulled inside. I’m about to ask about that when the dildo suddenly spins up to its highest speed. My eyes roll back in my head.

“Ooh, fuck!” I scream. “I’m already edging!”

Albert laughs. “Just wait until that monster cock starts thrusting into that moist muff of yours.”

As if on cue, the actuator draws the dildo back until just the tip is inside me before once again plunging it balls-deep against my cervix. It settles into a slow, steady rhythm.

“That’s only level one, Liza,” Albert explains. “Want to go faster?”

I nod emphatically as my body trembles. “Fuck, yes!”

“Copy that,” says Albert as he taps on his tablet. “Let’s get you properly fucked, my horny heifer. I’ll turn it up to eleven.”

The dildo quickly accelerates to its peak speed, viciously violating me with reckless abandon as I scream in ecstasy. The suction cups start drawing liquid from my nipples. White globs race through the clear rubber tubing and into a ten-gallon stainless steel milk can on the floor. What begins as a trickle slowly increases into a steady stream.

How the fuck am I producing so much milk?

Albert peers at his tablet. “Subject zero’s lactation rate is two ounces per second. Dialing up the suction now.”

He taps a few times, and the steady stream of breast milk becomes a raging torrent. A few seconds later, the white liquid in the tubing turns silver.

Albert smiles. “Lactation of subject zero is complete. Commencing suction of life force.”

What in the fuck?!

I try to ask him what his machine is doing to me, but the sheer pleasure is too overwhelming. My mind is so consumed with lust that I can’t think straight. Bracing myself on the table with my left hand, I reach between my legs with my right and start furiously rubbing my clit.

“Subject zero’s life force is 74% and falling,” Albert announces.

The climax that’s been building inside me finally releases. My entire body contracts as I spray all over the table—a potent mixture of dildonic fluid and my sexual juices.

“Oh, fuck!” I cry out. “It feels so fucking good!”

Another orgasm is already rising as I spasm like a naked ragdoll.

“Subject zero’s life force is 52% and falling.”

I don’t even care what the Orgasmatron is doing to me and my life force—whatever that is. All I want is for it to never stop fucking me. Silver liquid continues to erupt from my painfully erect nipples.

“Subject zero’s life force is 37% and falling. Calcification commencing now.”

Wait, what? Calcification? Oh, shit! Am I turning to stone?

My flicker of self-preservation is short-lived as I tense up and spray more fluid on the table.

Yeah, I don’t fucking care what happens.

“Subject zero’s life force is 24% and falling.”

The dildo relentlessly jackhammers my dripping pussy with no relief, but my body starts slowing down.

“Whaaat’s… happening?” I slur.

Albert ignores my query. “Subject zero’s life force is 13% and falling. Calcification is nearly complete.”

I can barely move now. Glancing at my reflection on the metal table, I notice my entire body, except for my boobs, is now a mottled gray—like marble. As I watch in fascination, the suction cups draw out the rest of the silver liquid from my heaving breasts, rendering them in solid stone. I close my eyes and open my mouth in ecstasy before I stop moving entirely.

“Subject zero’s life force is fully extracted. Calcification complete.”

The suction suddenly cuts off as the cups fall from my rock-hard breasts. The dildo slows down before pulling out of my stone vagina and falling silent. I gradually lose all sensation in my body. My mind slows down and converges on a single repeating thought as my vision fades to darkness:

Worth it.

So worth it.

So fucking worth…

Albert wraps up his dictation.

“The Orgasmatron 3000 alpha test has concluded. Subject zero is fully petrified. Life force capture is complete. Serum synthesis will commence momentarily.”

He slips the tablet back into his pocket and admires the new statue.

“Well done, Liza,” he remarks with an appreciative nod. “Exactly as I envisioned you’d end up: on all fours with your mouth open.”

He pulls out his phone and walks around the table, snapping photos of the statue from multiple angles. Then he opens the messaging app, attaches the pics, and dashes off a quick text:

Alpha test successful. Ready to advance to beta. Can you secure funding?

After an excruciating thirty seconds, a reply arrives:

Funding is already secure. Skip beta and initiate Operation Dairy Farm.

Albert smiles and pats the statue’s stony ass. There’s no jiggle this time.

“Don’t worry, my hucow. You won’t be alone for long.”

Copyright 2024 Olivia Zoe Quinn

Photo by Elizabeth Dunne on Unsplash

Story notes

Thanks to my co-conspirator, StoneFan88, for inspiring this torrid tale with the included milking manip. We had fun brainstorming the story and planning a longer arc over several parts. Yes, Albert and his Orgasmatron will return in future installments for more fucking and sucking of wanton women. Strap in, ladies, for an udderly unreal adventure as we operate the world’s hottest dairy farm. Bottoms up, hucows!

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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