Spin the Phaser 2


I raise my hand without a shred of hesitation. Watching Aimee send Clara into sweet oblivion is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Being part of something like that—on either end of the phaser—turns me on like nothing else. My best friend Megan raises her hand, too. We lock eyes and giggle. This is gonna be so much fun!

I feel a hand on my shoulder, followed by a familiar male voice in my ear.

“Are you sure about this, Kaylee? You just saw what happened to Clara and the others.”

I turn to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“100% sure, Jason. I’ve never been more certain about anything. Besides, Megan is doing it, too. We do everything together! Also, Aimee is gonna start naked, so you know she’ll get zapped. That gives me a one-in-five chance of winning Valerie’s phaser!”

Jason raises an eyebrow. “And you think one in five is favorable?”

“Excellent! I’m not a math whiz like you, but I feel good about this. Just relax, dude.”

“Ahem,” says Aimee, with mock impatience.

I pull away from Jason and face the naked woman holding a phaser. My breath catches in my throat. I can’t believe I’m doing this!

“So,” Aimee begins, “if you two lovebirds are done chit-chatting, we can get started.”

“Of course,” I reply. “Please continue.”

“Thank you. We have Kaylee, Megan, and me to represent the ladies. David, Erik, and Simon will compete for the dudes.” Aimee flashes a devilish grin. “That first round was super fun, but we can do better in round two. I propose a new rule: before a player is vaporized, they have to kneel and bring themselves to orgasm. As soon as they blow their wad or spray their juices, they get zapped out of existence. Any objections?”

The rest of us shake our heads and smile. This will be even sexier than I expected!

“All right then,” Aimee continues. “Three garments only. No bras. Toss everything else and join me in the circle.”

I kick off my flip-flops and wiggle out of my bra, leaving me with panties, shorts, and my favorite green tank top. Maybe it’ll be good luck.

Within a minute, the six of us kneel in a circle as the other partygoers crowd around to watch the festivities. Aimee places the phaser in the center, looking at each of us.

“Any questions?” she asks. “No? Then let’s begin, shall we?”

The already naked woman gives the phaser a hearty spin. Everyone watches as it rotates past each of us over and over before it finally stops. It’s pointed at me.

“Yay!” I exclaim. “I get to show everyone my panties now.”

I stand and shimmy out of my shorts, exposing my blue thong panties. I make a show of jiggling and slapping my bare ass for all to see. I should have fun with this, right?

“Nicely done, Kaylee,” Aimee says with a grin. “It’s your spin, babe.”

I nod, grab the phaser, and spin it as hard as possible. It makes three complete revolutions before stopping pointed at Simon next to me. In one smooth motion, he pulls his black T-shirt over his head and tosses it behind him. All the women in the room gasp as they swoon over his unexpectedly muscular body. His hard work in the gym earns him a few catcalls.

“Thank you,” he says with a chuckle. “I appreciate that, though I would have preferred not to lose my shirt. So it goes, right?”

Simon places his hand on the chrome phaser and spins it. It whirls around for several seconds before pointing at Megan. My best friend imitates Simon’s motion as she strips off her yellow T-shirt, letting her natural double-Ds hang free. Her nipples are rock-hard! Megan earns her own chorus of whistles and catcalls from the men in the room… and some of the women.

“Aww, thanks, everyone,” she says with a smile. “I made them myself.”

As we all laugh, Megan grips the phaser and spins it.

I’ll skip ahead to when I’ve just lost my panties, and all six of us are fully nude. Yeah, against the odds, naked Aimee is still in it while everyone else has lost all three garments. The room is perfectly silent as Aimee speaks.

“One of us will soon be masturbating in front of everyone before they climax and get stripped from reality. Doesn’t that make you hot? Doesn’t it turn you on? Yeah, me too. Your spin, Kaylee.”

With a trembling hand, I spin the laser weapon and hold my breath as I watch it whirl around. Finally, it stops. The barrel points straight at Megan. Her jaw drops.

“Oh, shit!” she exclaims. “I’m out?”

Aimee nods. “In more ways than one: out of the game and out of existence. Who would you like to do the honors?”

“Kaylee,” she says, looking at me.

“I’d be honored, Megs,” I reply as I pick up the phaser.

“All right, Megan,” says Aimee. “Kneel and show us how it’s done.”

“Umm, okay. I hope I put on a good show for everyone.”

Megan gulps and gets on her knees. She kneads her massive breasts with her left hand as her right hand lightly rubs her clit. Megan closes her eyes.

“Mmm,” she coos. “Oh, yeah, that’s it.”

Everyone watches intently as Megan slips a finger inside herself, followed rapidly by three more. Within seconds, her right hand is a blur.

“Oh, fuuuck!” she exclaims. “Fuck, yes!”

After five breathless minutes of pleasuring herself for all to see, Megan’s eyes fly open as she stares directly at me.

“Get ready, Kaylee!” she yells. “I’m gonna cum!”

I nod and raise the barrel of the phaser, pointing it unsteadily at Megan’s chest. I’m insanely aroused and furiously rubbing my clit.

Meanwhile, Megan starts hitching and jerking as a puddle forms beneath her.

“Fucking do it, Kaylee!” she screams. “Zap me into oblivion!”

I pull the trigger on my best friend without hesitating—not even a millisecond.

The phaser fires a beam directly between Megan’s breasts. Her entire body glows within moments as the energy dissolves her molecular bonds.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” she yells, still pumping her right hand in and out, even as she steadily fades. “It’s so fucking…”

Her voice trails off as only a glowing green haze of particles remains. Seconds later, even that vanishes.

Megan is gone. Permanently.

Fuck, that was hot!

“Your spin, Kaylee,” says Aimee.

“Hell, yeah! Let’s do this!”

With my best friend out of sight and already out of my horny mind, I spin the phaser. The barrel swings round and round, pointing repeatedly at each of us before finally coming to rest. All eyes are on Simon.

“My turn, eh?” he says with a smile. “Get ready to do me, Aimee. I want your catchphrase to be the last thing I hear.”

“With pleasure!” Aimee exclaims, snatching the phaser as Simon gets on his knees.

He strokes slowly at first as his cock starts to respond. It twitches and grows, getting longer and more rigid by the second until all eight inches point skyward.

“Damn, Simon,” says Aimee with a grin. “That’s quite a cannon you have there.”

“Thanks! I made it myself.”

Everyone laughs as Simon picks up the pace. Beads of sweat form on his forehead as his breathing quickens. He starts to squirm as he pumps his cock relentlessly.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he announces. “You ready for a facial, Aimee?”

“Give it to me, stud! And I’ll give you something even hotter in return.”

Simon nods and turns toward Aimee across the circle. A few seconds later, he grunts and squeezes his cock hard. A glob of jizz erupts from the tip, arcs through the air, and hits Aimee on her forehead.

“Bullseye!” Simon exclaims as he continues to unload thick ropes of cum onto Aimee’s face and body.

Aimee licks the jizz off her lips and grins.

“It’s my turn, stud. Take my beam!”

She pulls the trigger, sending a laser into Simon’s chest. He starts stroking his cock again.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” he exclaims, his naked body getting brighter and brighter.

I slip two fingers inside myself as I watch Simon’s final moments.

“Yes!” he screams, throwing his head back. “Fuck, yes!”

Simon is translucent and fading fast.

“Best Friday night ever!” he yells as he vanishes forever.

“I’ll second that,” says David.

“Hell, yeah,” adds Erik, as he absently fingers his cock.

Aimee doesn’t bother to wipe the globs of cum off her face before placing the phaser in the center of the circle and spinning it.

I’ll skip ahead just a bit more. David is our next performer, followed immediately by Erik. Like Simon, they both choose Aimee to do the honors and christen her with their jizz before she erases each of them from existence.

Aimee turns to me and smiles, the baby gravy of three men dripping from her chin onto her bare breasts.

“Well, Kaylee, it all comes down to us. Are you ready for this?”

“Hell, yes!” I reply. “Give it your best spin.”

“You got it!”

Aimee sets the phaser between us and spins it hard. The barrel wheels around, alternately pointing at me and then Aimee, me and Aimee, me, Aimee, me, Aimee…

The phaser slows down, completes a final half-turn, and comes to rest.

The barrel points directly at me.

“Hell, yeah!” Aimee exclaims. “I can’t believe I won again! And I started this round already naked. Damn, what are the odds?” She snatches the phaser off the floor and grins. “Are you ready for your final performance, Kaylee?”

“As ready as I’ll ever—”

“Hold up!” Jason interrupts from behind me. “I’m sorry, but I can’t let Kaylee perform like this.”

I turn around and stare at him. “Wait, what?”

Aimee narrows her eyes. “What the fuck, Jason? She knew the rules and freely chose to play the game.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he replies. “I get that. I’m just saying I can’t let her perform like this.”

“But she has to perform,” Aimee responds. “Those are the rules.”

“I don’t think you understand,” Jason replies. “I didn’t say I can’t let her perform, just that I can’t let her perform alone.”

Before Aimee can raise another objection, Jason rips off his T-shirt and pulls off his shorts and boxers in one fluid motion. No longer constricted, his massive nine-inch cock springs free and points directly at Aimee. Her jaw drops as Jason grins.

“Whaddaya say, Aimee? I’ll give you a two-for-one deal. You can zap both of us.”

Aimee’s mouth curls into a devious smile as she licks more cum from her lips.

“Oh, fuck, yes! Get it on, lovebirds! I’ll send both your smokin’ hot asses into orgasmic oblivion.”

Jason kneels behind me. “On your hands and knees, babe.”

I nod breathlessly as I scramble into position. This is the most erotic experience of my life! I’m naked in front of fifteen clothed people, I’m about to fuck my boyfriend for their enjoyment, and then we’ll be permanently unmade by a pair of phaser blasts from a clearly horny Aimee. I’m trembling in anticipation.

Fluid is already dripping from my pussy as Jason grabs hold of my hips. He deftly inserts the tip of his engorged rod into my damp mound, teasing me for a few seconds before sliding all nine inches inside.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I scream, throwing my head back.

Jason pulls out to the tip again and goes balls-deep a second time before settling into a steady rhythm.

“Mmmm, yeah,” I coo.

I glance at all our slack-jawed friends before settling on Aimee. She still has the same devious smile as she points the phaser directly at my head. A depraved idea pops into my horny brain.

“Bring it closer,” I demand with a grin. “Right in front of me.”

Aimee laughs. “Oh, hell, yeah! I think I know where this is going.”

She scoots forward and holds the phaser’s barrel an inch from my face. I reach out and start stroking it like a metallic cock as Jason continues to pound me relentlessly with a real one. Then I lick the underside of the barrel before taking the full length in my mouth and deep-throating it. My head bobs up and down the chrome shaft as I gaze into Aimee’s eyes. Her jaw drops yet again.

“Oh, fuck! You’re getting spit-roasted by a cock and a phaser! I love it!”

“Not gonna lie, babe,” Jason adds, still jack-hammering my mound. “This is super hot!”

I don’t respond as I continue staring at Aimee while sliding the phaser’s barrel in and out of my mouth. Then I go so deep that I’m licking her knuckles on the trigger.

“Damn, Kaylee!” Aimee exclaims. “You’re the world’s first phaser slut!”

As sixteen people stare wide-eyed, we continue our performance without slowing down for another eight minutes. Jason relentlessly jackhammers my snatch while I treat Aimee’s phaser to a breathtaking blowjob. Finally, Jason starts to twitch.

“I’m gonna cum!” he yells.

My eyes are still locked on Aimee’s. As Jason grunts and unloads his seed deep inside me, I keep bobbing my head along the entire length of the barrel. I’ve never been so aroused in my life! Knowing we’re on the edge of oblivion keeps me balanced precariously on the ragged edge of climax. I desperately want Aimee to zap me and erase me from existence. I soon get my wish.

”Well done, Kaylee!” Aimee exclaims. “Now taste my beam!”

I deep-throat the phaser as Aimee pulls the trigger. An intense warmth immediately spreads from my mouth and fills my entire body as the blast of energy attacks my molecular bonds. An earth-shattering orgasm grips me as I clench around Jason’s cock, milking him dry as I shudder and spray my juices all over the floor.

“Oooh, fuuuck!” Jason moans, still twitching. “Give it to me, Aimee!”

Aimee pulls the phaser out of my mouth with a wet slurp and levels the barrel at Jason’s bare chest.

“Take my beam!” she yells, pulling the trigger and lighting him up.

“Mmmm, yeah,” Jason moans as he absorbs the blast. “That feels so fucking good!”

“Yes! Fuck, yes!” I scream, still spasming like a naked rag doll.

We’re gradually vanishing as Aimee lowers the phaser and places a finger to her lips.

“Hush now. Just relax and let those sexy bodies fade away. Soon, there will be nothing left of you.”

I gaze into her eyes as my flesh turns translucent. I’m too ephemeral to feel Jason’s cock inside me.

“What’s it like, Kaylee?” Aimee asks. “What’s it like to be stripped from reality? For your body to be unmade as though you never existed? We’d all love to know.”

I laugh as I go partly transparent, fixing my gaze on Aimee.

“It’s fucking incredible. And you’re jealous.”

Aimee furrows her brow as she watches us fade. Then she nods slowly.

“Honestly, yeah, I am kinda jealous. But I’m also loving every moment of your epic disappearing act. And now it’s time for your curtain call. See ya around, Kaylee.”

“Count on it,” I reply, surrendering to the endless void.

Aimee looks up from Kaylee’s afterglow in time to see Jason join her in eternal oblivion. Two human-shaped clouds of green vapor hang in the air and then dematerialize into nothingness.

Naked, glazed, and still holding her phaser, Aimee stands and surveys the remaining party guests.

“I have something even sexier in mind for round three,” she announces with a grin. “You’ll be begging to take my beam! Who’s in? There’s room for everyone to be erased.”

All fifteen people immediately raise their hands.

“Excellent!” Aimee exclaims. “Let’s do this!”

Copyright 2024 Olivia Zoe Quinn

Image by inna mykytas from Pixabay

Story notes

I hadn’t originally planned on writing a sequel to “Spin the Phaser,” but the mental image of someone deep-throating the barrel popped into my horny brain. Then “spit-roasted by a cock and a phaser” became something I desperately wanted to write. I also wanted to use “Take my beam!” a few more times. That catchphrase is oddly erotic and never seems to get old.

As you may have guessed, I’m setting things up for a grand finale in “Spin the Phaser 3” that is even more depraved than this installment. I need to see the story through to its sexy conclusion, whatever that ends up being. I don’t know the details yet, but I know the tale will be over the top.

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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