Colossus Awakens


The Director paced impatiently at the back of the command center. The crew at their consoles could feel her eyes burning a hole in the backs of their heads.

“What exactly are we waiting for?” she demanded. “Have you finished all Colossus diagnostics yet?”

“Yes, ma’am, diagnostics are all green, and Colossus is ready for power-up,” replied the First Officer.

“It’s the subject, ma’am. He’s still being prepped.”

The Director rolled her eyes and exhaled loudly. “Then check with the prep team and get me an ETA. While we’re still young.”

“Yes, ma’am,” answered the First Officer as she initiated a commlink. “Prep team, this is Colossus Command. I need an ETA on subject readiness.”

After a few seconds of static, a female voice replied.

“Colossus Command, this is the prep team. ETA for insertion is ninety seconds. He’s just getting out of the shower now. Once we get him dried off, we’ll apply the conductive gel, and he’ll be good to go.”

“Acknowledged, prep team. Please advise when the subject is ready for insertion.”

The Director rolled her eyes and turned to the Chief Engineer. “Initiate Colossus power-up sequence Alpha Sierra Sierra Two-Four.”

“Copy that, ma’am. Initiating sequence Alpha Sierra Sierra Two-Four.”

The Chief Engineer tapped a series of keys on her console as everyone turned their attention to the viewing window at the front of the room.

Outside towered Colossus, a menacing monument to human ingenuity. The size of a football field and ten stories tall, its name was well-earned. Massive gears began to turn as its engines rumbled to life. Clouds of steam billowed outward from the steel exoskeleton as the entire structure groaned in response. After thirty seconds, the shaking subsided, and Colossus stabilized as the engines reached their initial power level. The Director smiled as the commlink came to life.

“Colossus Command, this is the prep team. The subject is in position and awaiting insertion on your mark.”

“Copy that, prep team.” The First Officer turned to the Director. “Ma’am?”

“Insert the subject.”

The First Officer nodded. “Prep team, this is Colossus Command. You are cleared for subject insertion.”

“Copy that, Colossus Command. Commencing insertion now.”

The command team turned their attention to the display on the wall, now showing the center of Colossus. As they watched, a small circular opening in the floor emitted a cloud of steam as the subject slowly rose into view. The dense machinery and tangled webs of bundled wires blocked entry from all sides, so the only insertion point was from the prep room below ground. The platform stopped its ascent and engaged a series of locks around its edge.

“Colossus Command, the subject is locked and loaded in the firing chamber.”

“Acknowledged, prep team.”

The Medical Officer checked the readings on her console. “Ma’am, subject vitals are still reading nominal.”


The subject stood silently in the firing chamber, his entire body glistening with conductive gel. He methodically flexed and stretched, preparing to assume his pose. Tendrils of steam twisted around his feet and ankles as he waited for the next phase. His calves, visible above the steam, led upward to rippling quads and hamstrings like elevator cables. The twin globes of his glutes were slick with gel and condensation.

The firing chamber was a half dome twenty feet in diameter. It was hot and humid and surrounded on all sides and above by more than a hundred feet of machinery.

A rivulet of sweat formed on the subject’s broad chest and cascaded down each of his exposed abdominal muscles. It flowed past his navel and snaked slowly along his shaft. As it reached the head, his growing manhood twitched, propelling the perspiration into the air. It disappeared in a swirl of steam at his feet.

Back in the command center, it was all business as technicians prepared for the next phase in the sequence.

“Power up cannons, sequence Charlie Oscar Kilo Six Niner,” ordered the Director.

The Chief Engineer tapped some keys on her console and slowly pushed a lever forward until it locked in the upright position.

“Powering up cannons, ma’am. Sequence Charlie Oscar Kilo Six Niner.”

Eight enormous laser cannons arrayed around the chamber’s perimeter began to rotate atop hydraulic pistons. More steam billowed through the chamber as the cannons locked into firing positions. The cloud of steam dissipated to reveal each cannon trained on the subject, a speck of flesh in the beating mechanical heart of Colossus.

“We need to hold, ma’am. His vitals are off-nominal,” warned the Medical Officer. “Pulse 132 and breathing irregular.”

“Then deal with it,” the Director snapped. “We need his vitals stable before initiating the firing sequence.”

The Medical Officer nodded and opened a comm link to the chamber. “Subject, this is Colossus Command. Please close your eyes and take some deep breaths. I know it’s chaotic in there, but try to calm yourself. Do you copy?”

After a tense ten seconds, a shaky male voice responded, “I copy. It’s easier said than done, but I’ll give it a shot.”

The Medical Officer shifted her attention back to her console. Two long minutes passed, and the Director began pacing again.

“Well?” she asked impatiently.

“Breathing is steady, pulse 104. He’s back within nominal range.”

The Director peered at the man’s image on a six-foot display screen on the wall. “You need to fix his pose.” She leaned closer to the screen. “And his cock.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The Medical Officer reopened the comm link to the chamber. “Subject, this is the Medical Officer again. Your vitals are nominal. I need you to assume your pose. Michelangelo’s David. Do you copy?”

They watched the man on the screen as he moved his left foot forward and let his right arm hang loosely, his fingers grazing his right thigh. He bent his left arm, flexing his bicep until his hand rested on his left shoulder. Then his voice echoed over the comlink.

“Yes, I copy, and I’ve assumed the pose. Please validate. Oh, and you can call me David now if you like.”

The Medical Officer smiled. “All right, David. Your pose is validated, but you also need an erection. Can you do that for us?”

“With pleasure.”

The man took hold of his cock and stroked it. Little by little, it lengthened and began to rise. The women in the command center were transfixed—even the Director—as their subject played his dick like a virtuoso until all ten inches pointed almost vertically.

“How’s that?” he asked.

“That’s perfect. We are clear to proceed. Colossus Command out.”

The Director double-checked ‘David’ on the wall display and nodded. “Yes, I agree we can proceed. Chief Engineer.”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Initiate primary firing sequence Juliet India Zulu Three Seven.”

The Chief Engineer tapped some more keys, checked the graphs on her console, and twisted a large knob clockwise until it clicked.

“Primary firing sequence Juliet India Zulu Three Seven initiated, ma’am.”

Down in the chamber, the eight cannons around the subject began to spin like massive dryer drums. Each was three feet in diameter and seven feet long, larger than the man himself. As they accelerated, a green glow appeared on each barrel, becoming brighter as they reached the target speed. The business ends of the cannons were eighteen inches from the man’s torso.

“Ma’am, cannons are rotating at 8000 RPM. Colossus is ready to fire on your order.”

The Director looked out the window at her terrifying creation. Gears spun wildly, pistons pumped rhythmically, and steam rose from every gap on the machine’s surface. Colossus struggled mightily to maintain the 69 jizzawatts needed for sweet release—ten years of hard work leading to this moment. The rumbling rose to a deafening roar, shaking the viewing window violently. The Director’s lips curled into a smile.


“Firing, ma’am!”

The Chief Engineer flipped open a cover, exposing a red button. Taking a deep breath, she pressed it. Everyone turned to the display on the wall, which showed the chamber.

Intense green lasers erupted from the tip of each spinning cannon, striking the man from all sides. He valiantly held his pose amid the cacophony as his skin began to glow. Thirty seconds passed.

“Medical Officer, status update!”

“Ma’am, his pulse is 125, breathing steady! That’s within range for this stage and still cleared for conversion!”

The Director took a deep breath and exhaled. Almost there.

“Chief Engineer, commence molecular conversion!”

Nodding in acknowledgment, the Chief Engineer inserted a key into a lock on her console and turned it clockwise. Immediately, blinding light and thick steam poured out from every gap in the exoskeleton of Colossus. The command center’s lights flickered and dimmed to darkness as all available power shifted to the cannons. The display on the wall blinked off.

Deep inside the monstrous machine, the eight cannons spun faster, reaching an impossible 40,000 RPM as they threatened to shake themselves apart. The laser beams intensified, continuing to pump their target full of radiation. Still, the man remained unmoved. His heart raced, and his entire body glowed a uniform green.

Back in the command center, the Director was frantic. “Get that display back online! Medical Officer, status update!”

“Pulse 190 and hyperventilating, ma’am! He can’t take this much longer!”

“He doesn’t have to! I need him to last twenty more seconds!”

Inside the firing chamber, the man bore Colossus’s full fury as he fought to keep his knees from buckling. Every molecule in his body resonated at precisely 8,947 Hertz. The point of no return. His flesh turned translucent and began to harden.

“Fuck! I need eyes in that chamber!” thundered the Director.

“Working on it, ma’am!” yelled the First Officer.

Finally, the display switched back on but showed only a blinding green light. The Director swore under her breath and turned back toward the room.

“Medical Officer!”

The Medical Officer pored over the digital readout of the man’s fading vitals. The next ten seconds felt like an eternity.

“Ma’am! Pulse zero, breathing zero! Confirming all vitals have flatlined! Molecular conversion complete!”

The Director groaned at the blinding light on the display.

“Did he hold his pose during conversion?! Is he still rock-hard? Or is he sprawled out flaccid on the floor? Medical Officer!!”

“I have no visual, ma’am!” shouted the Medical Officer. “I’m unable to confirm the subject’s final pose or angle of the dangle without visual confirmation!”

“Shit! Well, power down Colossus before it destroys itself!”

The Chief Engineer nodded, grabbed the key, and turned it back counterclockwise. The radiation emanating from Colossus went from blinding to merely intense. The lights came back on in the command center. Next, she pressed the red button and flipped the cover back over it. The rumbling and shaking began to subside. Finally, she took hold of the lever and pulled it slowly back to its starting position.

Inside the firing chamber, the laser beams dimmed before disappearing completely. The cannons spun down and then stopped before gradually dropping as the pistons lowered each one to the floor.

Colossus roared again in protest and was silent, the vibration reverberating through the complex before fading. In the command center, all eyes were on the video feed from the chamber. With the cannons powered down, the man was again visible on the display. He had maintained his pose through the mayhem, and his inanimate body was now fully transparent. Just as importantly, his engorged cock still pointed skyward.

The command center was utterly silent as the Director squinted at the screen.

“Science Officer,” she said quietly.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Power on the refractory matrix and calculate dispersion coefficient.”

The Science Officer typed commands into her console. A single beam of white light shone down from the top of the chamber, striking the man and scattering rainbows in every direction. Photon receptors on the walls and floor measured the intensity and frequency of the refracted light.

She watched a series of indicators on her console go green and turned to the Director with a wide grin.

“The dispersion coefficient is zero point six niner, ma’am. Structural integrity 100% and holding. Crystalline conversion successful!”

Whoops of joy filled the room as all the women leaped to their feet, pumping their fists and embracing. Those who had been on the project from its inception wept with joy; their hard work was finally validated. Bottles of champagne and crystal china appeared from nowhere. Everyone turned to the back of the room for a toast. It was empty.

The Director emerged from the elevator at the command center’s base and stumbled along the underground passageway, kicking her heels off in frustration and sprinting barefoot to the prep room. As she flung open the door, the man of the hour had already been lowered from the chamber. The Director gasped as her eyes went wide.

His nude body was perfectly transparent, converted by the laser cannons into solid crystal. The overhead lights shone through him and scattered into a spectrum of colors over the white floor. The process had precisely preserved his features as he stood before her. He was physical perfection personified.

She came to her senses to see the prep room staff all staring slack-jawed at the polished mass of solid testosterone. The Director cleared her throat.

“Ladies, please deliver our guest to the command center. Your co-workers are dying to meet him.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The Director addressed the command center through the comm system as the prep team loaded the crystalline man onto a cart.

“Colossus Command, this is your Director. The package is inbound for your careful inspection. Cheers and well done!”

The prep team began to wheel the man through the open doorway.

The Director cleared her throat again. “Ladies, I need you back in ten minutes to prep the next subject. How many do we have on hand?”

“Seventeen in the holding room, ma’am.”

The Director flashed a devilish grin. “Excellent! Now that the process has been proven, we can accelerate our work. It’s going to be a productive night.”

The Director watched as the prep team disappeared into the elevator at the end of the hallway and then walked to the holding room. Upon entering, she delighted in the welcome sight of seventeen naked men lounging on couches. If the deafening roar and violent shaking of the first crystalline conversion had frightened them, they gave no outward indication.

“All right, gentlemen.”

They all stood up and snapped to attention.

“Yes, ma’am!”

She strolled down the line, inspecting each of their bodies—especially their thick, meaty cocks. She imagined them rock-hard and rendered in solid crystal. In a few hours, they all would be.

“Colossus awaits. Who wants to go next?”

Seventeen hands shot into the air. The Director smiled.

Copyright 2024 Olivia Zoe Quinn

Photo by Steve Barker on Unsplash

Story notes

I wrote this many years ago when I was less mature than I am now. Granted, I’m still immature and plan to stay that way, but I’ve become more subtle in my writing. This piece is anything but subtle. I’m sure you noticed the “69 jizzawatts” Colossus needed for release. And you probably picked up on the codes: ASS24, COK69, and JIZ37.

I should probably apologize for such crass and juvenile humor, but this horny chick has no regrets and gives zero fucks what anyone thinks of her equally horny younger self. If you have a kinky idea for a story, don’t hide it. Write the shit out of it and share it with the world. Life is short! Initiate sequence Delta India Kilo Niner Niner!

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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