Test Subject 102


Dr. Edwin Zander unlocked the steel door, pushed it open, and smiled at his female companion.

“After you, Lara,” he said with a bow.

“Thanks, Edwin,” Lara replied, returning the smile and stepping into the darkened lab.

Edwin took a moment to admire Lara’s emerald cocktail dress and three-inch black stiletto heels. The sexy ensemble perfectly complemented her shoulder-length red hair. They were quite the pair with Edwin’s dark gray suit and green tie. They hadn’t coordinated outfits on their blind date, of course. It was simply a touch of serendipity, perhaps an encouraging sign for the rest of the evening.

Edwin followed her, shut the door behind them, and flipped on the lights. Lara gasped.

“Oh, wow! Is that what I think it is?” she asked, pointing at the device in the center of the room.

Edwin beamed with pride. “It is, indeed. The world’s first and only biomolecular disruptor: the VTX-1.”

Perched atop its reinforced steel tripod, the disruptor’s two-meter polished chrome barrel gleamed under the lights. Five meters in front of the VTX-1, an ankle-high round metal platform sat on the floor. Lara pointed at it.

“And that’s where they all stood just a few hours ago? Your test subjects?”

Edwin nodded. “Yes, one hundred naked and fearless females—plus Jade as test subject 101, of course.”

“Ah, Jade,” Lara remarked with a smile. “I wish I could thank her for setting us up. It feels like destiny.”

Edwin raised an eyebrow. “Destiny, eh? How so?”

“Well,” Lara began, blushing a bit, “I didn’t mention it during dinner, but I sort of fantasize about being vaporized.”

“Oh?” Edwin replied with a grin.

Lara held up her hands. “I’d never actually go through with it! I mean no disrespect to the women who volunteered for the clinical trials. They’re total badasses in my book. As for me, I just like to imagine what it’d be like.”

“Ah, got it,” Edwin replied. He thought for a moment. “I have a proposal for you.”

“Oh, you want to propose?” Lara flashed a smile. “I’m flattered, Edwin, but we only met a few hours ago.”

Edwin’s face turned red. “No, not that kind of proposal. I’m suggesting a role-play of sorts.”

Lara’s eyes lit up. “A role-play? What exactly do you have in mind?”

“Well, you’d pretend to be one of my test subjects—just like all the lovely ladies earlier today. You’d sign a disintegration consent form, disrobe, and stand on the platform. Then I’d fire a low-power beam from the VTX-1 that would give you a full-body tingling sensation—a little taste of the real deal.” Edwin paused. “So, what do you think?”

Lara’s jaw dropped. “Holy shit! Are you serious? I can live out my fantasy?”

“Absolutely. And it’d be exactly like the clinical trials—minus the vaporization, of course.”

Lara rubbed her hands together. “This is so awesome! Where do I sign?”

Edwin picked up a tablet from a nearby table, tapped it a few times, and offered it to Lara. “Right here.”

Lara grabbed the tablet and began reading the consent form:

“I hereby consent to become a test subject for Dr. Edwin Zander’s research into human disintegration. I understand this will include the complete and utter disintegration of my naked body in the throes of a mind-shattering orgasm. I further understand the disintegration process is irreversible and permanent. My body will disperse into a cloud of dissociated atoms for the universe to use as it sees fit. I shall be erased from existence and removed from reality itself. I also consent to the filming of my disintegration for research purposes, which shall include the aforementioned mind-shattering orgasm.”

Lara scribbled her signature on the screen and handed it back. “Let’s do this!”

Edwin glanced at the tablet, nodded, and returned it to the table. With a wink, he started the role-play.

“Thank you, test subject 102. I sincerely appreciate your interest in joining the VTX-1 clinical trials. Let’s get started, shall we? Please remove your clothing and stand on the platform in front of the disruptor.”

“Yes, Dr. Zander,” Lara replied with a devilish grin.

She slipped off her black stilettos before reaching back and unzipping her dress. Locking eyes with Edwin, Lara let the garment fall to the floor. And with that, she wore only a smile.

Edwin grinned and took his time admiring Lara’s naked body. She stood about 5’8” with a trim, athletic build. Her fiery mane spilled over her bare shoulders, reaching almost to her medium-sized breasts topped with a pair of very erect nipples. Edwin’s gaze wandered down Lara’s flat stomach to a well-groomed landing strip shaped like a lightning bolt.

“That’s a lovely touch,” he remarked with a smile. “Very original.”

Lara flashed a grin. “I thought you might appreciate that, Dr. Zander.”

She turned and strutted toward the platform, giving Edwin a perfect view of her firm butt and shapely legs. Lara’s body surpassed all of the previous 101 test subjects—even Jade.

Lara stepped onto the platform and turned toward the VTX-1. Staring down the biomolecular disruptor’s chrome barrel, her eyes widened as her pulse quickened.

“Damn!” she exclaimed, trembling. “My heart is freaking hammering right now!”

Edwin chuckled as he walked to the console. “That’s a perfectly normal reaction. Do you need a moment?”

Lara nodded and took a few deep breaths. “All right. Let’s continue.”

“Very well. I like to record each test subject. Is that okay?”

“Oh, absolutely!” Lara exclaimed. “I’m certainly not shy. And I definitely want a video of this for my, umm, personal enjoyment.”

“No problem,” Edwin replied with a grin, flipping a switch on the console. A red light illuminated on each of the twelve high-speed cameras arrayed in a circle around the platform. “Now it’s time to calibrate the disruptor.”

“Just a full-body tingle, right?” Lara asked.

“Yes, I’m setting it to 300 Megajoules.”

Lara raised an eyebrow. “That sounds like a lot.”

Edwin shook his head. “No, it’s definitely low-power. The threshold for vaporization is 3.14 Gigajoules, so you’re getting about a tenth of that. Enough for a nice tingle, but you’ll still be around afterward.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

Edwin tapped a few keys on the console and then looked at Lara. “The VTX-1 is calibrated for 300 Megajoules. Test subject 102, are you ready?”

Lara nodded. “Yes, Dr. Zander.”

“Excellent. Firing the disruptor now.”

The end of the disruptor’s barrel glimmered a faint red before silently firing a laser beam into Lara’s bare chest.

“Oh, my!” she exclaimed, staring at the beam between her breasts. “The tingling is intense!”

Edwin grinned. “I take it you’re enjoying yourself?”

“Hell, yeah! It’s like a chill down my spine but spread over my entire body. I love it!”

“Glad to hear it,” Edwin replied. At that moment, the disruptor beam switched off. Edwin stayed in character. “Precisely 300 Megajoules have been delivered to test subject 102. Molecular cohesion remains at 100% and holding. How do you feel, test subject 102?”

“Fantastic, Dr. Zander!”

“Excellent. This test is now concluded. Stopping the recording.” Edwin flipped a switch on the console before returning his gaze to the nude woman on the platform. “You did great, Lara! I hope you enjoyed our little role-play.”

“Oh, absolutely! I can’t believe I got to live out my fantasy. Thank you so much, Edwin!”

“My pleasure,” he replied with a grin. “I must say I enjoyed watching.”

Lara laughed and twirled around a few times atop the platform, giving Edwin a complete view of her naked body.

Edwin started clapping. “Bravo! How about we head back to my place? We can drink some wine while watching your recording a few times and see where things go. What do you say?”

Lara smiled. “I’d love that, Edwin.”

“Great! You can get dressed while I copy the recording to my phone.”

“Sounds good!” Lara began to step down from the platform and then paused. “Edwin?”

“Yeah? Everything all right?”

“I have a question.”

“Sure,” replied Edwin. “What would you like to know?”

“Umm, what would a gig feel like?”

Edwin raised an eyebrow. “A gig?”

“Yeah, a Gigajoule. From the VTX-1. What would that feel like?”

“Well, below the threshold for vaporization, the magnitude of a subject’s response is roughly a linear function of the power output. So you’d be looking at about triple the intensity of what you just experienced. And at that level, you’d be glowing.”

Lara thought for a moment and then flashed a grin. “Let’s do it!”

Edwin smiled and shrugged. “Sure, why not? We’re here, you’re naked, and the VTX-1 is still powered on. Yeah, let’s extend our little role-play.”

“Awesome!” Lara exclaimed, beaming. “I’m ready when you are.”

Edwin nodded, switched on the cameras, and tapped a few keys on the console. “The VTX-1 is calibrated for precisely one Gigajoule. Test subject 102, are you ready?”

Lara nodded. “Yes, Dr. Zander.”

“Excellent. Firing the disruptor now.”

A brighter beam than before struck Lara’s chest. A red glow radiated from the point of impact and spread across her bare flesh in seconds.

“Hot damn!” exclaimed Lara. “I’m glowing! And you weren’t kidding about the intensity.” She shuddered as the energy coursed through her. “It’s like the start of an orgasm.”

“Indeed it is,” Edwin replied with a smile, gazing at his nude target and imagining what they might be doing later that evening.

“Mmmm,” Lara cooed, closing her eyes in ecstasy. “I could get used to this.”

She basked in the blissful sensation for a few more seconds until the VTX-1’s beam switched off. The glow on Lara’s skin faded. Edwin checked the console.

“Precisely one Gigajoule has been delivered to test subject 102. Molecular cohesion remains 100% and holding. How do you feel, test subject 102?”

“Freaking amazing, Dr. Zander!” Lara paused and frowned. “Though I wish I could have climaxed. How much power is needed to have an orgasm?”

“You’d need to be close to the threshold for vaporization to reach climax.”

“How close?”

“Well, as I mentioned earlier, the threshold is 3.14 Gigajoules. You’d have to be just barely below that at 3.13 Gigajoules to reach orgasm. At that power level, your body would be translucent. And your molecular cohesion would drop to about 97%.”

“But I wouldn’t disintegrate, right?”

“Technically speaking, you would partially disintegrate before barely regaining full molecular cohesion.” Edwin studied her face. “You’d be on the razor’s edge of vaporization, Lara.”

Lara raised an eyebrow. “I think you meant test subject 102, Dr. Zander.”

“Oh, yes, of course. That is what I meant, test subject 102.” Edwin paused. “Do you wish to proceed with a third test?”

Lara nodded vigorously. “Absolutely, Dr. Zander! Bring it on!”

Edwin smiled. “All right then. Cameras are still rolling. I’ll calibrate the disruptor.” After tapping a few keys, he looked at Lara. “The VTX-1 is calibrated for precisely 3.13 Gigajoules. Test subject 102, are you ready?”

“Hell, yes!”

“All right then. Firing the disruptor now.”

An even brighter beam burst from the VTX-1 and pummeled Lara between her bare breasts. This time, the red glow engulfed her almost instantly.

“Yeah, baby!” she yelled. “This is more like it!!”

Within a few seconds, Lara became translucent. She arched her back as her entire body spasmed.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” she exclaimed. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The disruptor’s beam switched off. The red glow faded from Lara’s flesh as her body solidified again. Edwin consulted the console.

“Precisely 3.13 Gigajoules have been delivered to test subject 102. Molecular cohesion dipped to 96.7% before fully recovering. How do you feel, test subject 102?”

Lara’s bare skin was slick with sweat, and her damp red hair was plastered to her cheeks and shoulders. Her chest heaved as her breath came in ragged gasps.

Edwin chuckled. “It’s all right, test subject 102. Take all the time you need.”

Lara nodded, placing her hands on her knees as she gasped. Within thirty seconds, her breaths were deeper, and she stood up on the platform.

“I have another question,” she remarked.

“And what might that be?”

“Did you learn everything you could from your clinical trials this morning?”

Edwin thought for a moment. “Not quite, though we were close. Jade’s observation about the oscillations and dispersion waves was insightful though incomplete.”

“Incomplete?” asked Lara. “How so?”

“I dug into the results and discovered secondary wave cancellation potential.”

Lara raised an eyebrow. “What does that mean?”

“Well, it means we could boost the VTX-1 to its full power of 25 Gigajoules without instantly vaporizing the target. I ran a simulation that suggests a disintegration duration of approximately 93 seconds, with multiple orgasms double the intensity of what Jade experienced.” He shrugged. “It’s too late in the day to get another test subject and amend the clinical trial results, but I plan to explore it next week after I have a chance to recruit a suitably horny woman.”

“I believe I have a solution to your dilemma, Dr. Zander,” Lara announced. “A way to explore your new hypothesis while still meeting the deadline for reporting your clinical trial results.”

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“Test it on me. I can assure you I’m suitably horny.”

Edwin’s jaw dropped. “Seriously? But you’re my date, not an actual test subject.”

“Hey, I signed the consent form. Vaporize my ass!”

“Wow,” Edwin replied. “You’d do that for me?”

“Fuck, yes! What’s the point of having a fantasy and backing down when an opportunity comes to make it a reality?”

Edwin thought for a moment. “That’s an excellent question. Well, as long as you’re sure about this.”

Lara nodded. “100% sure. Gimme some sugar, Doc!”

“All right, then. Just give me a moment to calibrate the VTX-1.”

Edwin tapped a few keys on the console and then looked at Lara.

“Are you ready, test subject 102?”

“Not yet. I need to warm up a bit first.”

Lara brushed her nipples lightly until they began to harden. She kneaded her breast with her left hand while her right hand wandered downward, her fingertips tracing over her abdomen before arriving at her bolt-shaped landing strip. Lara rubbed it for a few seconds before venturing down to her womanhood. She hesitated and looked at Edwin. He nodded. Words were unnecessary.

Lara slipped her middle finger inside and began to slide it in and out while using the heel of her hand to stimulate her clit. Her ring finger soon joined in, followed by her index finger. Lara pushed as deep as she could inside her slit, furiously finger fucking herself until she shuddered and moaned.

“Oh, yes!”

Edwin looked on, mesmerized by the shameless spectacle. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. His cock strained against his zipper, practically begging for release. He began rubbing himself through his slacks, slowly at first but then faster and harder as Lara picked up her pace.

They locked eyes as Lara slipped her thumb and pinky inside before pushing hard against her opening. She applied increasing pressure, her hand inching deeper until her entire fist finally popped inside with a wet slurping sound.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried out. “I didn’t know I could do that!”

“Whatever you do, please don’t stop,” Edwin replied.

His cock was free now, rock-hard and pointed skyward. Edwin slowly stroked it with his right hand while his left hand hovered over the firing button on the VTX-1 console.

“Just let me know when you’re ready,” he called to Lara.

Lara was up to her forearm and writhing in ecstasy. She emerged from her sexual stupor long enough to respond.

“Fucking do me!” she screamed. “Send me to oblivion!”

Edwin didn’t need to be told twice. He mashed his left hand down on the firing button as he tugged faster with his right.

A massive red beam erupted from the barrel of the VTX-1 and pummeled Lara between her bare breasts. She immediately glowed a brilliant red.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried out, still furiously fisting like there was no tomorrow. Because, for her, there wasn’t.

The sensation of pleasuring herself while also absorbing the disruptor’s beam sent Lara over the edge every five seconds. Her body hitched and buckled like a rag doll atop the platform.

“It feels so fucking good!” she yelled.

“You look fucking good, too!” Edwin replied, edging closer to his own release.

After fifteen seconds, the beam shut off. Still working his rock-hard shaft, Edwin checked the console.

“Precisely 25 Gigajoules have been delivered to test subject 102. Molecular cohesion is 84.3% and dropping. Test subject 102 is past the point of no return. Vaporization is imminent. How do you feel, test subject 102?”

“Fucking incredible!” Lara screamed, in the grip of yet another orgasm.

Edwin took a momentary break from stroking himself to tear off his clothes. Naked, he left the console behind and approached Lara. She smiled and dropped to her knees atop the platform.

“I want you to explode all over my face as I fade forever, Dr. Zander,” she panted.

“Certainly, test subject 102,” Edwin replied, sliding his hand up and down his cock.

They locked eyes, shamelessly servicing themselves for the next minute until Lara began to fade.

“I’m going!” she cried. “Do it now!”

Edwin’s hand flew up and down his rigid rod until he spasmed and sprayed his seed toward Lara’s face. The milky globs of cum passed right through her vanishing head.

“Haha, missed me!” she said, laughing. “You should work on your aim, Doc.”

“Good one,” Edwin replied with a grin, his cock still twitching and spurting thick ropes through Lara’s vaporizing body.

“Here I go!” she yelled in pure ecstasy. “I feel myself being unmade—erased from reality. It’s so fucking hot!”

“You have no idea,” Edwin replied breathlessly, still milking his dick for every last drop. “Nothing left to do but fade, fade away.”

Lara had nearly vanished, her screams of passion growing fainter by the second. They locked eyes once more.

“Thank you, Dr. Zander,” Lara said, barely audible as she faded from the universe.

“You’re very welcome, test subject 102,” Edwin replied, letting go of his flaccid cock and allowing it to swing freely. “It’s been a pleasure.”

“Indeed, it has. See ya around, Doc.”

“See ya.”

With that, Lara’s naked form faded to a green glow, hanging in the air like a phantom before dissipating a few seconds later. The platform was empty.

Still dribbling cum on the laboratory floor, Edwin walked back to the console to examine the results.

“Test subject 102 has been vaporized,” he announced to the empty room. “The elapsed time to complete loss of molecular cohesion was 93.6 seconds. Orgasmic intensity was 2.24 times higher than that of test subject 101.”

He smiled. The hypothesis was confirmed.

Edwin glanced at the sticky mess on the platform and rolled his eyes.

“Cleanup on aisle 69.”

He gulped as he realized the high-speed cameras had captured all the action, including him naked and ejaculating through a disintegrating test subject. And lab recordings were tamper-proof.

“Fuck it,” Edwin muttered. “It’s my lab. I’ll have some fun if I feel like it.”

He initiated the data analysis for test subject 102’s vaporization, setting it to automatically append the results to the report and submit everything as soon as it was ready. Then he turned off the lights, exited the lab, and shut the door.

His heart skipped a beat as he heard the audible click of the lock. He was still naked. And his keys were sitting on the console. Instinctively, he tried the door without success.

“Fuck it,” Edwin muttered again.

He turned and walked down the empty hallway, his cock swinging like a pendulum in time with his steps. The building should be unoccupied at 9:00 on a Friday night, and he lived only a mile from campus. Edwin took the elevator down to the first floor and stepped outside. The exterior door also locked behind him. A nearby group of eight female undergrads paused their conversation to stare at the naked man. After an awkward ten seconds, one of them spoke.

“Are you Dr. Edwin Zander?” she asked. “The scientist with the biomolecular disruptor?”

“Yes,” Edwin replied. “Yes, I am.”

The woman shared a glance and some nods with her friends before turning back to Edwin with a devilish grin.

“Your research is hot as fuck! I’m Celeste. Wanna have some fun with me and my friends?”

Edwin smiled as his cock twitched and began to grow, fresh pre-cum already beading on the tip. “Lead the way, ladies.”

Ten seconds later, with Celeste pulling him along by his rock-hard dick, he had forgotten about his blind date for the evening. Edwin’s memory of Lara’s spur-of-the-moment disintegration had faded as entirely as she had from the universe. She was out of sight and out of mind, not to mention permanently erased from existence for all eternity.

It was time for a well-deserved and thoroughly mind-blowing reverse gangbang. And, if Edwin played his cards right, he’d have eight more sexy test subjects for the VTX-1 to vaporize tomorrow morning. If these horny coeds were as eager to disintegrate as they were to fuck his brains out, he’d be watching them vanish into oblivion in twelve hours. Converting their naked bodies into atoms would be even hotter than pounding them all night long.

Dr. Edwin Zander was the luckiest man on the planet and was only getting warmed up. Fortunately, a limitless supply of lusty ladies stood ready to trade their mortal existence for the most jaw-dropping orgasms imaginable. The VTX-1 was going to be busy.

Copyright 2024 Olivia Zoe Quinn

Photo by Julio Lopez on Unsplash

Story notes

Well, that escalated quickly. This is hands down the hottest story I’ve published so far. I decided to crank up the spice factor a few notches for this sequel, so I hope you enjoyed it. Edwin will return soon to vaporize more voluptuous vixens in another installment.

I love writing ASFR stories, but my passion is erotica. I plan to continue combining my two loves in future torrid tales of transformation. I make no apologies for my insatiable appetite for jaw-dropping sex in my stories. This one is tame compared to what I have planned.

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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