Test Subject 101


The nude woman trembled as she stared down the two-meter chrome barrel of the VTX-1 biomolecular disruptor. Perched on its reinforced steel tripod, the barrel gleamed under the laboratory lights.

Standing next to the VTX-1, Dr. Edwin Zander turned to his assistant. “Prepare the disruptor for test subject 16.”

Seated at her console nearby, Jade nodded and consulted the charts on the screen. “Calibrating the disruptor for 4.93 Gigajoules. Prepared to fire on your command.”

Edwin turned to the young woman on the platform. “Test subject 16, are you ready?”

She nodded. “Yes, Dr. Zander.”

“Excellent,” Edwin replied. “Please fire the disruptor, Jade.”

“Copy that.”

The end of the disruptor’s barrel glimmered a faint red before firing a laser beam into the young woman’s bare chest. The VTX-1 was perfectly silent, unlike its wide-eyed human target. She gasped as her naked body absorbed the calibrated dose of energy. Her bare flesh began to glow red as her gasps escalated to moans. Seconds later, she cried out as her body dematerialized into a wisp of vapor. Her scream of ecstasy reverberated through the lab until it also dissipated into silence, every exquisite millisecond of her disintegration captured by a dozen high-speed cameras.

“Test subject 16 has been vaporized, Dr. Zander,” Jade remarked with her typical clinical detachment. “The total duration was 13.4 seconds with a molecular dispersion coefficient of 97.2%. Orgasmic intensity was 1.8% higher than test subject 15.”

“Thank you, Jade. That’s an encouraging trend.”

The women in line trembled with anticipation, each yearning for the same blissful fate. Edwin nodded to the naked woman at the head of the queue. She grinned and stepped onto the empty platform.

“Test subject 17?” he asked.

“Yes, Dr. Zander.”

Edwin turned to Jade again. “Prepare the disruptor for test subject 17. Let’s boost power output by 5% this time.”

Jade nodded. “Calibrating the disruptor for 5.18 Gigajoules. Prepared to fire on your command.”

Edwin turned to the nude woman on the platform. “Test subject 17, are you ready?”

“Absolutely! I can’t wait!”

Edwin smiled. “Glad to hear that. Jade, please fire the disruptor.”

The energy beam from the VTX-1 struck the woman between her breasts as she shuddered in apparent ecstasy. Edwin flashed a thumbs up to Jade. Clearly, they were making progress toward maximizing the orgasmic potential of the device.

“Oh, fuck!” the woman exclaimed, arching her back as her body spasmed uncontrollably. “Oh, it feels so fucking good!”

She convulsed as her naked body took on a brighter and brighter red glow. Finally, she began to disintegrate.

“It’s happening!” she cried out. “I’m vaporizing! So fucking hot, it’s…”

The woman trailed off as she vanished from existence in a puff of vapor. As Jade relayed the results to Edwin, the next test subject bounded onto the platform. Edwin glanced at the line of volunteers curling around the lab and into the hallway. He couldn’t see where the line ended, but he knew it contained no fewer than 82 more gorgeous naked women.

When he had posted the opportunity to volunteer for the VTX-1 clinical trials, the phone rang off the hook with fearless females eager to help test the safety and effectiveness of the world’s first biomolecular disruptor. It was all Jade could do to keep pace with the breathless inquiries. One hundred women signed up without a second thought, jumping at the chance to transcend mortal existence while in the throes of the most all-consuming orgasm imaginable.

“Test subject 18?” Edwin asked.

“That’s right, doc!” the young blonde exclaimed.

Edwin gazed at her. She was breathtaking in her beauty and couldn’t be older than twenty-two. This exquisite female specimen was volunteering herself to further Edwin’s research. He marveled at her physical perfection and fully embraced the privilege of returning all her atoms to the universe.

Edwin wondered who she was, but all the women’s identities had been thoroughly scrubbed from the study’s database after they signed the disintegration consent forms. At that point, they were just test material to observe and study while the disruptor vaporized them. Edwin shrugged off the trivial distraction and refocused on the important task at hand.

After Jade calibrated the VTX-1, Edwin addressed the blonde again.

“Test subject 18, are you ready?” he asked.

“Hell, yeah, I’m ready! Let’s do this!”

Edwin smiled and nodded to Jade. “Please fire the disruptor.”

Precisely 14.7 seconds later, the nude woman dematerialized in an orgasmic haze of red vapor.

Later that afternoon, after Edwin and Jade had vaporized the last of the hundred test subjects, they convened at the terminal. After a minute of scrolling through the data and peering at charts and graphs, Jade groaned.

“Everything all right, Jade?” Edwin asked.

“Not exactly,” Jade replied. “We did make steady progress throughout the study with all variables: response intensity, duration of disintegration, and molecular dispersion coefficient. However, I just noticed something I should have picked up on earlier.”

“Oh? And what’s that?”

Jade pointed to one of the graphs. “Well, you can see how we recalibrated the VTX-1 with each test subject, gradually increasing its power output.”

“Yes, and?”

“Do you see this oscillation trend?”

Edwin squinted at the graph and nodded. “Yes, it’s subtle but discernible.”

“Well,” replied Jade, “the trend suggests significant untapped potential in the disruptor calibration. Based on this data, we could have quadrupled the power output to 21.69 Gigajoules. The VTX-1 can produce up to 25 Gigajoules, so this would be well within its range.”

Edwin frowned. “But wouldn’t the test subject undergo an immediate loss of molecular cohesion at that power?”

“Actually, no,” Jade replied, “because this oscillation would cancel out the dispersion waves, as shown here by their respective Fourier transforms, thus maintaining molecular cohesion for a much longer period.”

Edwin raised an eyebrow. “How much longer?”

“I believe sixty seconds before fully disintegrating is possible with the optimal power output.”

“Wow. And what effect would that have?”

Jade smiled. “Orgasmic intensity is a quadratic function of power output. In other words, quadrupling the output would boost the target’s pleasure by a factor of sixteen. We’re talking about a seismic orgasm for a full minute.”

Edwin shrugged. “That’s great to hear, but we must run the data analysis and submit our results to the clinical review board by tomorrow morning.” He gestured around the empty lab. “I’d love to test your hypothesis and potentially strengthen our case for formal approval of the VTX-1, but we already disintegrated all our women.”

Jade flashed a devilish grin. “I’m a woman. Let’s test it on me.”

Edwin’s jaw dropped. “Really? You’d volunteer?”

Jade rolled her eyes. “Of course, I would! Do you seriously think I could sit here and watch a hundred naked women experience the most intense orgasms of their lives while disintegrating into wisps of vapor without fantasizing about joining them? Come on, doc! That shit is hot as fuck!”

“Well,” Edwin replied, “when you put it that way, I see your point.” He gestured toward the test platform with a smile. “You know what to do.”

“Damn straight!”

Jade practically ripped her clothes from her body and leaped naked onto the platform, standing with her hands on her hips and chest puffed out. Edwin double-checked that the high-speed cameras were still recording and carefully recalibrated the disruptor to match Jade’s bold hypothesis, confirming the settings against the oscillating graph on the screen. Then he turned to his fearless assistant.

“Test subject 101?” he asked with a grin.

“Reporting for duty, sir!” Jade exclaimed with a nude salute.

“It’s been awesome working with you, Jade. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our professional relationship.”

“I totally agree! From the day I started this job, I always knew in my heart our research would lead to this moment.”

Edwin nodded. “I expected this as well. Ready?”

Jade pumped her fist in the air. “Fuck, yeah! Do me right now, doc!”

“Copy that!”

Edwin triggered the disruptor. A massive energy beam, much larger than the other test subjects received, erupted from the end of the barrel and rocked Jade’s nude body.

“Oh, fuck me!” she screamed, dropping to her knees.

Much to Edwin’s relief, the high-energy beam didn’t immediately vaporize her.

“So far, so good, Jade!” he called out, glancing at the sensor readings on the terminal. “Molecular cohesion is stable for now. Looks like your oscillation hypothesis may be correct.”

“Yeah, ya think?” Jade shouted back.

She spasmed uncontrollably as her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Holy fuck, this is intense!” she yelled.

Jade appeared to lose consciousness as her naked body twitched like a rag doll. She was glowing a brilliant red, so bright that Edwin had to shield his eyes.

Jade regained awareness with a jolt as her flesh became translucent. She struggled unsteadily to her feet as she convulsed in ecstasy.

“You’re at 33 seconds, Jade!” Edwin exclaimed. “That’s already double the previous record!”

Jade laughed as another orgasm wracked her. “Best Friday night ever! Five stars!”

Edwin watched in wonder as Jade convulsed in ecstasy. She should have been long gone, but the induced oscillation artificially extended her molecular cohesion, just as she had predicted. Even so, every woman has her theoretical limit before disintegrating. After sixty seconds, Jade had nearly reached hers and was becoming transparent.

“Mmm, here we go!” she yelled. “I feel myself vaporizing! This is so fucking hot!”

Edwin stole a glance at the terminal. “The intensity readings are off the charts, Jade! You’re experiencing the most powerful climax in human history!”

“Fuck, yeah!” she screamed. “Oh, my fucking…”

Her words trailed off as her naked body continued to dematerialize. She locked eyes with Edwin, flashed a sultry smile, and disintegrated into orgasmic oblivion.

Edwin tore his eyes away from where test subject 101 had just been standing and pored over the sensor readings on the display. He grinned when he saw the final numbers. The climax had been two orders of magnitude greater than any other test subjects they had vaporized. Not only that, but the duration was 69.3 seconds with a dispersion coefficient of 100%. She had been completely and utterly unmade! Every molecule in test subject 101’s body had split into its component atoms. She was officially the first person in history to vanish without a trace. It was a stunning technological achievement and perfectly validated the VTX-1’s unimaginable power!

Edwin initiated the comprehensive analysis of test subject 101’s vaporization. It would take a few hours to churn through the mountain of sensor data, but Edwin already knew he and Jade had exceeded their most orgasmic expectations. With such solid results from the clinical trials, the VTX-1 was all but guaranteed to secure formal approval from the review board as a safe and effective disintegration device. Once that happened, investors would line up in droves to get a piece of the action. Edwin’s audacious plans were finally coming together.

And with the high-speed camera footage of test subject 101 disintegrating, Edwin would have no problem recruiting hundreds more eager women to vaporize in his pursuit of technological advancement. The seductive allure of an earth-shattering orgasm while dematerializing would be too tantalizing for truly adventurous ladies to resist.

Copyright 2023 Olivia Quinn

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Story notes

Since watching programs get derezzed in the original Tron movie, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of someone vanishing from existence. I imagined a fictional process similar to derezzing and settled on a biomolecular disruptor.

The concept of clinical trials for a device like this was partially inspired by ZapperZero’s image of four women volunteering to test different disintegration beams.

A large share of the dramatic tension in this story lies in its lack of drama. For Edwin and Jade, vaporizing a hundred women is a normal part of testing a biomolecular disruptor. The detached manner in which they discuss their results and the nonchalance of the test subjects reinforce how different their world is from ours.

I plan to continue exploring this unusual world. Edwin and his VTX-1 disruptor will return soon for another tale of disintegration.

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Olivia Zoe Quinn lives in Ohio with her dog and two cats, who mostly get along. She is pursuing her BA in Creative Writing while working part-time in a lingerie shop. She may be found after hours standing motionless among the mannequins. Olivia is the Editor-in-Chief of Stone Cold Stories and an Associate Editor at Rock Hard Press and GAZMYK Magazine. Olivia is the author of the upcoming sci-fi erotica novel, StoneSport Chronicles: Volume 1, due out in the fall of 2024.

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